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  1. Construction Bank can be exchanged. The Construction Bank's foreign currency exchange needs to go to the Construction Bank outlets with foreign currency exchange business, carry a valid ID to foreign currency exchange, and fill in the foreign exchange exchange order in accordance with the bank's regulations.
    The agricultural banks are mainly US dollars, yen, Hong Kong dollars, pounds, euro, Swiss francs, Australian dollars, New Zealand dollar, Sweden, Krona, Danni Kron, Norwegian, Macau yuan, baht, baht, baht, 15 foreign currency categories
    The convertible foreign currency in China mainly include: British pound, Hong Kong dollar, USD, Swiss franc, Sweden, Krona, Dan Yewlang, Norwegian Kerong, yen Philippine Peso, Thai baht, New Zealand dollar, won, etc. Foreign currency other than this cannot be exchanged in my country.
    Pucting information:
    The foreign currency savings deposits are divided into three types: diverse period, regular and personal notification deposits:
    1. Foreign exchange deposit deposit refers to the initial deposit amount of not less than equivalent foreign exchange deposits deposit deposits people. The interest is charged once a year, and the expected date is December 20.
    2, the regular savings of foreign currency are the deposit period stipulated in the deposit, deposit in the principal at a time, and extract the principal and interest savings at a time. The starting amount shall not be lower than the equivalent foreign exchange 50 yuan. The period of time deposits is divided into five grades: one month, three months, six months, one year, and two years.
    3, personal notification deposit refers to the deposit of the bank a few days in advance when the customer withdraws or pays the deposit. The minimum withdrawal amount of the deposit is 50,000 yuan. The notification deposit is only 7 days is a notification deposit. Personal notification of deposits is attractive to customers with large short -term income, because its deposit period is much shorter than ordinary regular deposits, and interest rates are higher than that of current deposits.
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  2. Construction Bank can exchange foreign currency.
    The foreign exchange exchange designated banks are various types of commercial banks that can operate foreign exchange exchange services, such as Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China and Construction Bank.
    The foreign currencies in my country include: pounds, Hong Kong dollars, dollars, Swiss francs, Sweden, Crown, Dan Yawang, Norwegian Krony, yen, Canada, Australian dollar, euro, Macau yuan, Philippine Biosacos , Thai baht, New Zealand dollar, South Korea, etc. Foreign currency other than this cannot be exchanged in my country.
    The expansion information:
    The process of redeeming foreign currency is as follows:
    1. Applying procedures
    (1) Customers handle the exchange business with valid ID and other materials. According to the differences in your business, you may need to provide other materials that provide your identity and business authenticity in accordance with regulatory policies or anti -money laundering regulations.
    (2) The bank will handle foreign currency exchange, and the real -time card price announced on the day.
    (3) Customers can go to our bank to handle foreign exchange and selling business with accounts or cash.
    2, most branches of Bank of China can support foreign currency exchange. Under normal circumstances, in some areas such as northwest, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, due to the difference in time, the processing time will move backwards as a whole.
    3. If you need to withdraw foreign currency cash, because the foreign currency reserves of each outlet are different, it is recommended that you contact the outlets in advance to make an appointment to prepare enough foreign currency for you.
    4, Bank of China mobile banking, online banking and other online channels support foreign currency exchange, cash appointment and other businesses. You can also handle it through online channels. If you need to understand further, please ask the Bank of China official service hotline 95566.
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  4. Not all outlets can be redeemed, but some specified outlets in Nantong CCB can be exchanged for large banks and joint -stock banks.

  5. It depends on which currency you want to change, ask for cash or foreign exchange.
    If only exchange exchange, all outlets are available.
    If it is to change banknotes, only strong currencies such as US dollars, euro, Hong Kong dollars, and yen can be changed, and they can only exchange large banknotes. For example, Hong Kong dollars are only 1,000
    The want to change banknotes or go to China to travel to China, such as Thai baht, New Zealand, and Singapore, it is the most complete.
    It, if the amount is large (10,000 US dollars or equivalent foreign currency), small outlets are generally not so much, and appointments need to be made.

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