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  1. Construction Bank's foreign currency exchange requires the construction bank outlets with foreign currency exchange business, carry valid identity documents for foreign currency exchange, and fill in foreign exchange exchange orders in accordance with bank regulations.
    It, according to CCB's "Foreign currency varieties that can be exchanged for cash" to the bank to exchange for RMB, one of the following valid documents is required: my ID card (Chinese citizen), hukou book (Chinese citizen under 16 years old), soldiers soldiers) ID (People's Liberation Army), armed police identity documents (Chinese people's armed police), Hong Kong and Macao residents traveling in the Mainland (Hong Kong and Macao residents), Taiwan residents traveling on the mainland (Taiwan residents), passports (foreign citizens or Chinese citizens with passports) , And fill in the foreign exchange redemption form in accordance with the bank's regulations.
    Extended information:
    "Implementation Rules for the Administration of the Personal Exchange" Article 2 of the Personal Exchange and the total annual management of personal foreign exchange purchase. The total annual amount is equivalent to $ 50,000 per person per year, respectively. The State Administration of Foreign Exchange can adjust the total annual amount according to the status of international revenue and expenditure.
    The foreign exchange settlement and foreign exchange purchase within the total annual total amount, with my valid identity documents in the bank; those who exceed the total amount of the year shall be handled under Article 10, 11, and 12 of these rules, and Under the capital project, it shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Personal Foreign Exchange Management" of Capital Projects.
    3 The foreign exchange purchased by individuals may remit overseas, deposit in my foreign exchange savings account, or carry out of the country in accordance with relevant regulations.
    Reference Data Source: Construction Bank -Foreign currency varieties that can be exchanged for cash


  2. CCB can handle foreign currency exchange business.
    Foreign currency exchange:
    1, foreign currency exchange, that is, natural persons at the approved construction bank ((601939, stock)) grass -roots savings outlets and foreign currency exchange branches to handle foreign currency cash and existing exchange for renminbi. When the foreigners, overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots who come to China temporarily come out of the country, in accordance with the regulations of relevant state departments, the unused RMB will be returned to foreign currency and foreign exchange business.
    2. According to the relevant provisions of my country's foreign exchange management, if domestic residents have foreign currency cash or foreign currency deposits, they can convert to other foreign exchange or RMB in accordance with the buying and selling exchange rate of the Foreign Exchange window sills of the Construction Bank. Exchange foreign currency. Therefore, the foreign exchange exchange business of domestic residents is only one kind of foreign currency exchange into another, or the foreign currency is exchanged to RMB; only when the foreigners, overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots are temporarily in China Essence
    The subdivision type: Dimension is: cash exchange for RMB, exchanges for renminbi. When refunding, it can be subdivided to exchange foreign currency cash, and the RMB exchange foreign currency is exported abroad.
    coins and deadlines
    1, currency
    The free exchanges of foreign currency cash by Construction Bank and current remittances that can be withdrawn according to regulations can be exchanged for renminbi.
    2, term
    general five major currencies, including US dollars, yen, Hong Kong dollars, euro and pounds. As long as the procedures are complete, it can be exchanged at any time.
    : Foreign currency exchange is engaged in foreign currency exchange according to the exchange rate announced by the People's Bank of China and the Foreign Exchange Administration.
    Customer process:
    1, ordinary customers: holding customers to request for exchange from the bank and fill in the withdrawal voucher.
    2. Temporary personnel come to China: Foreigners, overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots who come to China temporarily come back to foreign banknotes or foreign exchange when they leave the country. Foreign exchange redeeming water list (6 months valid) for bank audits.

  3. OK. CCB includes a variety of businesses such as credit fund loans, residential savings deposits, foreign exchange business, credit card business, and policy housing reform finance and personal housing mortgage loans. Among them, foreign currency exchange belongs to foreign exchange business and can be handled.
    The "going abroad" "business can be exchanged for currencies in countries/regions such as USD, Hong Kong dollar, yen, euro, Australian, pound, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, etc. Other related businesses of CCB:
    1, Fifth Demonstration: Bank of America ATM cash withdrawal, global payment credit card currency conversion fee is exempted. Personal credit certification, foreign currency portable certificate, foreign currency general exemption handling fee;
    2, five discounts: foreign currency savings interest rate discounts, foreign exchange remittance prices, foreign exchange sales, foreign exchange trading points poor discounts, and discounts on financing interest rates for studying abroad. rn扩展资料:rn从70年代末、80年代初开始,建设银行在承继原有职能的同时,不断拓展银行职能,先后开办了信贷资金贷款、居民储蓄存款、外汇业务、 Credit card business, as well as policy housing reform finance and personal housing mortgage loans.
    Coly Silver Star International Speed ​​Exchange Business, CCB is a personal international speed exchange business launched by Construction Bank and Yinxing International Speed ​​Exchange Company. Small international remittance business that remitts personal foreign exchange funds to foreign exchange funds.
    Reference: China Construction Bank-Forex Channel

  4. At present, CCB's foreign currency exchange can operate on counter, smart tellers, mobile banking and online banking:
    electronic channels (mobile banking, online banking) enter investment and wealth management-foreign exchange investment-settlement exchange operations
    Wisdom The tellers and counters need to be helped to handle the staff at the bank outlets. Among them, two foreign exchange statements need to be filled in the counter, which is cumbersome and not recommended.

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