5 thoughts on “Is it true that the movement of the small movement in WeChat, is it deceiving?”

  1. At first, it was reflected in the deception. Later, it was shown that 30 yuan could be reflected, but you did not reach thirty, and the money in the balance of fifteen yuan suddenly disappeared. Don't play these things. Many of the scammed software in WeChat, especially fifty yuan, also deceptive!

    The sports earning small program can not be mentioned. Is there a virus
    Stinned to play for 3 months, watch videos every day, do tasks, sign up for the competition, and finally earn 10 yuan to say The withdrawal, as a result, it is said that today is over the upper limit. It will be updated at 0 o'clock tomorrow. I will get withdrawal at 0 o'clock in a row in a row. It is still prompting this. It is simply a liar, fucking stuff. What is even more abominable is that the customer service ignores people.

    Is it true to make money by sports?
    This money is not really deceiving (taking fun step sports as an example). "Funfu" was investigated by Changsha Industrial and Commercial Department for suspected illegal acts such as MLM, illegal fundraising, and financial fraud. "Funu" attracts users by walking prizes, and brainwashing users "pull people to join" shares.

    The mode of fun steps is 'sports mining'. Pulling people in, many new people need to come in to support. It is the pyramid structure. The talents above the newcomer will have benefits.

    The expansion information

    The behavior of "Funu" is suspected of violating the "MLM Regulations", and users may become a co -crime of MLM crimes. Organizers or operators require developers to develop other personnel to join, forming an upper and offline relationship, and the sales performance of the following line is calculated and paid to the online remuneration based on illegal benefits.

    The user may also become a co -criminal of MLM crimes. Relying on this way of pulling people to develop offline, "three levels" may be transformed into criminals suspected of MLM crimes.

    The most of the costs and profits of Fabu depends on the investment of users. Through this lure users to buy a large number of 'candy' and raise the price, then profit from this model sent by new users. Without approval by law, it is suspected of constituting the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits for unspecified funds in disguise of unspecified objects.

    It more and more 'candy' purchased by users and fewer and fewer new users, once the capital chain breaks, close the platform withdrawal function and then run the road. Related staff and behind the scenes behind the scenes The boss will face the allegations related to the crime of fundraising fraud. "

  2. At the end of last year, there were some small programs for walking to make money to change gifts. At the beginning of the game, the red operation was screened and recommended by several, but the things we could not control were that the initial threshold of these small programs was very low, and it would be easier to easily receive a few cents. WeChat red envelopes, or support for one -dollar full online call fee exchange, etc., also inevitable is Chao Lingxi.

    Sai Huahong has never been optimistic about the single model of making money to make money. I wanted to write an article to analyze it very early. I was ashamed that I was too lazy a while ago. I didn't want to think deeply. In fact, from the perspective of principle analysis, walking money mini -programs and APP software, relying on the number of steps for calling WeChat sports, how much steps do you take every day have nothing to do with others, so why do these walking small programs give you money? Why do most small programs ask you to change steps before 24 o'clock?

    The is actually a way to spend money to buy traffic, such as small programs such as a certain step treasure and a certain sports earning. In addition to a small number of items support free exchange, there are more products that are more goods are You need to add additional money to exchange. Operators can make money or change gifts by walking to make money, attract people to enter a small program every day. The second is to make money, and the second is that the virtual currency earned by a few people will not be ruled out, and add some money to redeem the goods, so that the operator can earn benefits.

    In this explanation of some rules of these small programs. Why can the number of step rewards be accumulated, and it must be manually collected every day. Attract you every day. In addition, why should there be a step -by -step redeeming limit? Saihua Hong thinks that the operator has considered these issues before the small program is launched. If there are too few redeemed steps, few people will see the small money. If you do not cover it, it will increase the cost.

    In the premise of considering the details of all details, the profit model of this WeChat walk to make money applets is still very thin. Generally, most users are running for free gifts for free gifts. From the perspective of operators, there is only expenditure and no income, so there is a phenomenon of changing the order of the order. For example, Sai Hua has made a sports earning. The rules at the beginning are that for the first time, you can withdraw 3 corners of money red envelopes to the account for the first time, and then you can apply for settlement at a minimum of 5 yuan. Old users who have been withdrawn at least 30 yuan now and have not logged in for 15 consecutive days. The sports currency and cash balances in the account have been cleared.

    . The other is called every day. The initial threshold is also very low. For the first time, it can be exchanged for 4 cents, 30 virtual currency exchanged for 1 yuan. After a moment, I found that all the people who can be exchanged are idle items. To put it bluntly, it is second -hand clothing, shoes, hats, etc., and most of them are still stalls. Regarding my personal point of view, even in real life, even relatives and friends who know the roots, you give people the clothes you wear, others may not be willing, let alone strangers online. Are you making called Huazi? Anyway, I admire this platform a little.

    said so much, Sai Huahong wants to express, and it will definitely not make too much money by walking, but I am not completely denying this model, but it depends on the operator to take it to put it on it As the direction of the main attack, or is it an embellishment of increasing user viscosity? For example, there are some reading mobile phones to make money. The focus of money is to browse articles and watch videos, and some also open the function of walking to make money. If you can encounter a powerful platform, you can still try it.

  3. At first, it was reflected in the deception. Later, it was shown that 30 yuan could be reflected, but you did not reach thirty, and the money in the balance of fifteen yuan suddenly disappeared. Don't play these things. Many of the scammed software in WeChat, especially fifty yuan, also deceptive!

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