wholesale jewelry lebanon pike hermitage tn How is the short -term of spot silver operated?

wholesale jewelry lebanon pike hermitage tn

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  1. lotus flower jewelry wholesale 1. Reasonable fund management control: The capital plan for short-term transactions is generally controlled at 10%of the total funds, while the minimum prediction target needs to be controlled at $ 12-15, and the outbound target is controlled at $ 5-15. Reasonable addition or reducing positions can be to take a batch of orders, instead of taking 3 US dollars, and then make the second short -term single to explore the low cost. If right, make money out. However, remember that two batches of short -line orders must not be established on the same day, and after the first order is completed, do not increase positions. When the target price of profitability is available, you can get out.
    2. Long -term K -line diagram combined with transactions: The daily chart allows us to see the trend of the rough silver price, and understand whether the silver market market is short or long. Short -term transactions; if it is multi -headed, it is advisable to use light warehouse ultra -short -term. The hour map is determined to enter the market point and time, because the K -line of the hour chart can instantly reflect the changes in the current long and short power of silver prices, and the response to the change of silver prices is sensitive than the daily chart.
    3. Trend line and channel -combined transaction: connect the height of the K line, showing the channel formed by the two trend lines. At the same time, the expansion or narrowing of the channel is used to determine the stop profit and stop loss point of short -term transactions.

  2. how to calculate wholesale price for jewelry Spot Silver Investment is my country's emerging investment field. The development starts late, but it is fast. Now investing in account opening can be carried out in the country
    . There is no region. Investing in silver should pay attention to risk control. Do not put eggs in a basket. Digitally invest in order to reduce risks and stabilize your interests. How to do short -term and ultra -short -term operations?
    The first; how to do the short -term and ultra -short -term in spot -grasp the entry point
    1. To enter the venue near the integer bits, the closer the bottom of the space to be optimistic, the closer to the optimistic space. The better (for a long time);
    2, analyze the fluctuation space above and below, find a relatively low position. It is necessary to ensure that the entry point should be as far away from the possible consolidation range in the future, and the technical profit margin must be greater than the loss space.
    3, first find the matching position to find the stop loss position before entering the field.
    4, when consolidating, if there is a breakthrough, you can enter the field in the direction of its breakthrough.
    Note: No good position, not entering; profitable space narrow, not in; technical, profit space is less than losing space, not entering; stop loss is not set, not in.
    5, the short -term operation of the day, you must avoid chasing up and down! Assuming that the bullish on the same day, now it is a relatively low space, then it will be more; if the current position is not ideal, then wait for a better location or a list. Don't wait for the market to rise and then chase it blindly, it is easy to be recovered.
    In the second spot how to do a good job of short -term and ultra -short -term -grasp the positioning point
    1. Set the preparation position, below the integer bits (do a long time); mostly refers to the middle and long line operation.
    2. When you reach the expected target, you can close the position; most refers to the short -term operation.
    3, the expected goal should not be too high or too low, and should be in a reasonable position.
    4, when the target accelerates the impact resistance near the target, you can play close.
    5. Intersection Intersection The minimum insurance and profit position should also be above $ 1 or more at the entry price.注意:“一口吃不成胖子,先把到嘴的肉吃了再说。”“自己只要鱼身,把鱼头留给别人,哪怕这是条胖头鱼。”安排好一切,剩下的交给市场去Completed; optimistic about the goal, the small fluctuations in the middle do not need to be ignored.
    It how to do a good job of the third spot silver -grasp the stop loss point
    1, the stop loss point setting must be considered when the order is placed, and the relationship between the entry position and the stop loss position must be closely related.
    2, the principle of stop loss: The stop loss space should not be greater than the profit space.
    3, stop loss should be set within the range you can bear.
    4. After setting the stop loss, the implementation of stop loss must be strictly observed! Intersection Intersection I would rather stop loss and not be set.
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