wholesale jewelry accessories in new york What information is needed for coins KYC certification?

wholesale jewelry accessories in new york

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  1. fashion jewelry wholesale market guangzhou The currency drawing KYC ID certification tutorial is as follows:
    1. You need to click on the total number of PI on the top of the PI APP homepage from time to time.
    2. If you open the PI application, a dialog box will pop up, and a "verification" button will appear at the bottom of the personal information page.
    3. Congratulations on getting KYC opportunities: To make KYC success, you need to prepare YOTI, the official third -party KYC partner.
    4, you should download YOTI first. For details, please see the official website www@yoti @com (just change@). You can learn more about YOTI information from the official website.
    5, after downloading, perform detailed authentication steps of YOTI.
    6, in the end, KYC successfully certified.
    This information:
    1) The coin distribution created by Dr. Stanford team can "dig" virtual currency on the mobile phone. Compared with digging Bitcoin, it requires enough mining machines. The method of digging and issuing coins is very simple. If you need to send a coin to your application, you can mine for free. Reminder: Most currency circle applications can only be downloaded in the mobile phone application market through overseas IDs. Borrowing someone else's ID card may upload files from your mobile phone. These virtual currency applications may also upload user privacy information during use, allowing user privacy to streak in the online world.
    2) KYC (foreign name: understand your customer) policy (that is, fully understand your client) to strengthen the review of account holders. This is the institutional foundation for anti -money laundering to prevent corruption. Understand the legitimacy of the source of funds. KYC rules refer to understanding your customer (KYC) rules. If financial institutions cannot clearly identify their customers, they are even more unwilling to lend to customers to hinder financial inclusiveness, which is essential for the international community to achieve financial integrity and financial inclusiveness.
    3) KYC rules adapt to the number of customers. Follow the requirements of the RBA and KYC rules, confirm the minimum risks brought by small customers, and use a hierarchical due diligence. For banks and mobile payment providers, the simple KYC rules should be used for restricted account applications to limit their account balance and transfer amount, which is especially useful for low -income people.
    4) The small account and the transfer limit shall meet two standards. First of all, the penalties should be set according to whether the financial institutions responsible for obeying the KYC rules to comply with the rules, rather than the basis for punishment involved in violations of regulations. The second is to set up step -by -step settings, and set the upper limit reasonably. For small accounts, punishment will increase with the severity and duration of the violations. For accounts involving large transfer, punishment shall be increased in proportion to violating money laundering and terrorist financing regulations.
    Operating environment: IE8.0 browser, Huawei P30

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