What Are the Different Classes of Granite Available?

There is no doubt that granite, that beautiful stone is a product of the Earth, and that it is truly an amazing product that offers endless beauty and versatility. It exists in different grades that are characterized by their special appearance, physical properties, and the type of application they are suitable for. This article explores the types of granite, with an extensive backgrounder on what you, the buyers and/or designers, should know to make well-informed choices.

Class 1: Entry-Level Granite

Class 1 granite (often referred to as commercial or builder's grade) is one of the most common, as it is easy to see in its pattern and color (monochromatic monotony). This is the best one, and since it is also the cheapest one, it happens to be a favorite of many homeowners on a tight budget. Granite in this class typically has a thickness of 3/8 inch, which may need plywood backing for added stability during installation.

Best suited for Rentals and Low traffic areas, Class 1 granite is an affordable option to achieve the look and feel of natural stone without the expense. But shoppers will be aware that even though it falls in the mid-range, it is still a little more prone to staining and less wear-resistant than the upper categories.

Standard Grade GraniteClass 2

High Quality and Moderate: Class 2 granite provides an improved quality with a more bright variety compared to Class 1. They have got more original colors and patterns but still affordable at $89.00. This granite is usually about 3/4 inch thick - this makes it sturdier and only needing extra support in rare cases.

Design Flexibility - an ideal grade for homeowners that want a mixture of cost and design distinctiveness. Class 2: Light Traffic: Indoor use in bathrooms or rooms with little foot traffic, or for walls or countertops.Class 2: Moderate Traffic: Indoor use in kitchens, halls, and foyers including light commercial applications.Class 3: Light Commercial Traffic: Light- to medium-duty traffic areas, such as fine dining, but not industrial kitchens.Class 3: Heavy Residential and Light Commercial: All residential applications-though not commercial entrywaysand Class 4: Moderate Traffic: Medium- to heavy-duty traffic.

Class 3: High-Quality Granite

Higher Quality: This granite is known for distinctive colors and patterns and will last a lifetime. This class of stone often has exotic patterns and vivid colors, and as a result is quite unique, making each slab a focal point of any room. It is often 3/4 inch thick and is very durable, resisting scratches and stains.

Luxury installations including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and statement pieces in living areas: Class 3 granite is used to create unique and expensive installations due to how different it is to most other natural stones.

Class 4 & 5: Premium and Exotic Granite

Class 4 and 5: These are the best of the best, premium and exotic granites and they are of the highest quality stones on the market. These granites are quarried stones that come from only a few regions in the world and possess some of the earth's rarest qualities.

Exotic Features: These are stones with uncommon colors, such as deep blues, bright reds, and exceptional patterning such as heavy veining or swirly lines. It can vary in thickness, but for the most part it will follow the standard of 3/4 of an inch, ensuring optimal sustainability.

Luxury & Investment - These granites are the priciest although they have legs so it can be seen as a worthy investment as more expensive properties can be sold for more with these granites and can add value to your property Ideal for custom homes/high-profile commercial projects where boldness / uniqueness are of importance aesthetically.

Anybody who would like for more information on how better to select, install and care for then (particularly to be used outdoors, as well as in high traffic areas) can usually benefit from understanding a bit more in regards to the clases de granito.

Granite will be successfully chosen for not only its visual role but also for functional expectations chosen on class, able to remain looking new in your home for years to come.

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