What is LED intelligent street lamp?

In the part of street lighting, with the development of technology, when the service life and stability reach a certain level, whether the street light can be dimmed will become another emphasis.

Basically, although the current LED street lamp standard is not complete, and the product specifications vary from place to place, more and more LED street lamp manufacturers have included intelligent control as one of their LED street lamp functions.

In terms of power management and future maintenance points, LED intelligent street lights are also imperative, rgbic led strip function is based on the needs of the environment or judge whether people and cars through dimming control, in order to increase the service life of LED street lights, to achieve energy saving effect.china high efficiency led lights

LED intelligent street lamp - Definition:

LED intelligent street lamp uses the fourth generation light source as the main luminous body, with high luminous efficiency, less power consumption, long service life, safe and reliable, light source light rate is strong, conducive to environmental protection and other characteristics. It is applied to urban main roads, urban secondary roads, industrial park roads, urban and rural roads, etc.

Intelligent LED street lamp - Foreground:

According to the current situation of Chinese street lighting, small cities after 9 p.m., large and medium-sized cities after 2 a.m., road pedestrians, traffic has become scarce. From this time until 6 a.m., it is not necessary to maintain high illumination on such low-traffic roads.

It is understood that urban public lighting accounts for 30% of the electricity consumption in China, about 43.9 billion kWh, calculated at the average price of 0.65 yuan/kWh, the annual expenditure of 28.5 billion yuan.

In the municipal expenditure is extremely tight today, the vast majority of cities and areas in the country almost coincide with the use of street lamp separation lights off lights to save money, not only leads to the uneven distribution of road illumination, to public security and traffic safety buried hidden dangers.

In addition, the increase of power grid voltage in the second half of the night will cause damage to the life of street lamps, and a large number of lamps need to be replaced every year, so it cannot be called energy saving in the real sense. Energy saving is to ensure the lighting effect under the light saving power.

The main advantage of the above intelligent control is that it greatly reduces the power consumption, saving more than 40% of the power consumption, and avoiding the hidden danger of turning off the lights. It is of profound significance for promoting intelligent lighting appliances with high efficiency and energy saving, effectively utilizing light energy according to the actual situation of lighting, and saving lighting electricity.

With the continuous development of LED technology, LED price performance is rising, LED light sources gradually replace a variety of traditional lighting sources to achieve semiconductor green lighting is not far away!

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