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  1. Of course, it is suitable for your own industry! Like a good project! Analyze what business is most suitable for doing. What you are good at, naturally you are easy to harvest. Entrepreneurship must first position yourself and the market. Choose the road of getting rich according to your characteristics, the reason is the same, diligent and monograph! If it will succeed. That must contain your hard work in the value of the promotion. X0DX0AX0DX0A must grasp your social relationship, of course, use the above relationship. If there is not much relationship, it is generally an industry with high loyalty consumers, and it is not easy to be affected by the relationship. Including catering, entertainment, production and other industries. X0DX0AX0DX0A If you want to be an individual, then small campus shops, 2 yuan stores, and catering industry are the most fast industries in small investment today. And the size is more flexible. More funds can expand. If the funds are small, the night market and the stalls are almost not investing. Of course, you can also choose the online store .x0dx0ax0dx0a brothers, everyone, everyone is thinking, everyone wants to know. But do you know. A person who can make money, smart people, people who have eaten hard will not ask this question anymore. You may be confused. I don't know how to make money. Actually. Traveling out of the champion. There are so many people in the world, this is so big in China. In fact, everything is missing. The wealth is not in a hurry, and the truth of success is in front of the truth, that is: eat hard and suffer, and be a man! X0DX0A China is a big agricultural country. Many foods need to be processed. If you have money, it is recommended to have innovation. To be healthy. Emphasize again not illegal. X0DX0AX0DX0A is my personal idea. The most fragrant industry is the hard -working industry.

  2. : "What is the most profitable industry?" There is no doubt that people will answer: real estate, education, car, energy, energy, IT digital products. Obviously, this answer is meaningless, because most businessmen have been on the ship, it is not easy to change to jump to another thief boat; not to mention that these "most profitable business" just make practitioners more likely to make money. What we want is the practical significance of this problem: how can we make merchants earn more money than others in the industry they are engaged in? Because this is the lifelong dream of every businessman. The correct answer to this question should be: "The business of funds is most profitable. In other words, your capital turnover is faster than others in the same industry, and you are the most profitable." In fact, business is not the case. Once you are engaged in a certain industry The target customer group is fixed. At this time, the core issue that you think about and treat as important as life should be: how to sell things faster? Because you can turn it once a week, you can achieve the fundamental purpose of the business operation -make money. The faster you turn around, the more money you make. Quick turn, the times make the time. In the era of commodity shortage, "hoarding the accumulation of strange" has made a fortune, but whoever does this today is "silly root"; today, the most important means of getting rich in the excess cash of the goods is to "quickly shot quickly, take more shots before the product update replacement. "The most effective one is: low price. In the past, the most effective means of making money was to sell high prices -increase profit margins. Today, the most significant means of making money has become a low price -increase the turnover rate. In the past, the profit was high but finally made less money, because it was sold less; today's low profits but finally made more money because they sold more. The price war was once responsible, because it damaged the interests of other manufacturers who had not yet opened up and followed the traditional profit model, but it was undoubtedly the most enthusiastic pursuit of banknotes. "Transfer = earning", this is the most important business characteristics of this era. "Earning = Turn" is the business criteria that are increasingly followed by wealthy people in this era. Of course, different industries have different turnover methods and turnover cycles. Real estate can only be paid in a few years. The warm underwear is in one year, and the catering industry requires a multi -time turnover rate every day. You can increase the productivity and reduce costs and speed up the turnover like Galanz; you can increase the brand's gold content stimulus purchase and realize the turn -like turn -like; you can flatten it as beautiful; zero inventory can be like Dell; it can also use ERP like Lenovo. In short, in this era of "fast fish eat slow fish", you must be exhausted, you must be unwilling, and you must make a difference in changing the turnover rate of funds. If the essence of an enterprise is execution, the essence of business is turnover. In fact, execution and turnover are all techniques, and the skills are ever -changing. Then, find ways to make them turn faster with better skills. Jack Welch in American GE is thinking about this problem. Solders who sell dry and villagers in remote towns in China are also difficult for this problem. From this perspective, the business of Welch and the stall hawkers is the same. They have the same business intelligence and facing the same eternal business problems. So, except for low prices, how can funds turn faster? (1) One sand and one world. Some seemingly insignificant small businesses often contain the largest truth in the business world. Shi Zhenrong, chairman of Taiwan Acer Computer, used to help his mother sell duck eggs and stationery. Duck eggs are 3 yuan and 1 catties, can only earn 3 cents, only 10%of profits, and it is easy to deteriorate. It will break if it is not sold in time, causing economic losses; 4 yuan, the profit exceeds 40%, and the stationery will not be bad. It looks like selling stationery than selling duck eggs to make money. But in fact, Shi Zhenrong later talked about experience and said that selling duck eggs is far more than selling stationery. Although duck eggs have thin profits, they turn around once a week; although the stationery has high profits, sometimes it cannot be sold for half a year or even a year. Duck eggs are more profitable, so the profit is far greater than the stationery that is slow. Shi Zhenrong later used the experience of selling duck eggs to macro and established a "thin profit multi -selling model", that is, the product price is lower than the peer. To reduce, the actual profit is greater than the peers. Shi Zhenrong's mother and son sells duck eggs, and there is a common theorem behind the business: asset yield = profit margin × turnover rate. Shi Zhenrong's business talent is reflected in that he can also consider profit margins and turnover rates at the same time. (2) But many Chinese do not have such a business intelligence. They often ask: "What kind of business is the most profitable?" Undoubtedly, they all stared at the profit margin and ignored the turnover rate, that is, the profit was concentrated on the profit Large projects (industry). However, projects with high profit margins often turn slower due to high price. At this time, once the funds cannot be vividly and quickly turn around, the terminal retailer itself will not only be invested to death, but also the entire industrial chain will also have a crisis. Le Bai's in the era of He Boquan had encountered such a disaster. In 1997, He Boquan decided to share a share from the jelly market. The market response in the early days of Lepai Jelly's listing in August was really enthusiastic. Want! Around the Spring Festival of 1998, the market seemed to reach the peak of crazy, and a province and districts often had tens of car skin. He Boquan became heated up and immediately expanded production capacity. The production line increased from 2 to 4, 6, and 8. Wait

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