How to open the mother and baby shop? How to open a mother and baby shop to make money

How to open the mother and baby shop, and I want to open a mother and baby shop to make money?

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  1. 1. How to attract customers?
    1. The newly opened swimming pool can print business cards. The business card is based on the main items of the swimming pool, indoor environment and discounts, contact information, and address. The business card is distributed in front of the maternal and infant hospital. It is not only sent to the new mothers, but also the posture of pregnancy, but also the place where the baby in the community is to prevent needles. It is the most concentrated place for babies and mothers. It is also your best propaganda place. Just consider where your consumer group is, where to send. The general cost of business cards is not high, and those who receive business cards are also kept. Generally, the information feedback of business card information is the fastest, and some of the day will have telephone consultation. The most important thing after sending a business card is to answer the phone, and must make it clear about the main business. The level of words must be professional. This is the most critical step that determines potential customers to become consumers.
    2, there is also a very effective way I think, spend less money, do not spend money and do things. Go to the local TV station and the radio station to order the baby who swims in your shop, and you can also unite with the radio to send a swimming preferential card. This is generally not spending money. You must pay attention to the name of your store when you order the song. Your purpose is to increase the popularity.
    3. There is also a way to make news, which is to contact the Maternal and Infant Hospital. For example, babies born in a local maternal and infant hospital on June 1 can free cards for free. The purpose of this is to make everyone reputation.
    . The swimming pool must be popular, vigorous, and work hard on the mother.
    The swimming pool is mainly for the baby business, but decided to buy the right to buy in the mother's hands, so you must do a good job of mothers. Generally, it is difficult for new mothers to have a baby. Most of them are lonely. There are fewer circles and less opportunities for communication. When operating in the swimming pool, you must consider creating a warm place for your mother, so that the mother can also charge here, becoming a place where mothers have parenting and repaired production of production. Become a mother's home. Mom Paradise. There are some items that mothers need. 3. Personnel management
    The swimming pool has just opened, and few consumers cannot hire many waiters. If the operating ability is not good, it is still facing the problem of personnel loss. Therefore, personnel management is also a problem that the bosses are facing. How to train new employees, become sales experts, and so on.
    The best way is to implement the handbook guidance. There is an acceptance standard for each job of the waiter, and the operation process counseling. Even if the waiter leaves, the management experience is an intangible asset in the museum. Go. The work guidance of the waiter, the more detailed the better. When each baby comes to the store, what to say, what to do, what to pay attention to when swimming, the time of touching the massage, the number of massage techniques, etc., how to entertain the waiting mother, etc. Fourth, as long as the business of making money, go to the swimming pool not only to make the baby's money, but also make the mother's money. Moms can only have time in the swimming pool. You can listen to your introduction. This time is also your promotion. Mom repair the golden time of postpartum products.
    (1) The infant swimming industry, the 21st century Chaoyang industry, has huge market potential.
    (2) About 25 million newborns are born each year. Children's intellectual investment, health investment, and educational investment are necessary investment.
    (3) "0" -year -old baby swimming, emerging service and sales integrated industry.
    (4) Special products, expert philosophy, professional services, value returns. Professional services and sales guidance, worry -free and effort. Develop the baby industry; there is huge market space, small investment, low risk, and stable return.
    (5) Develop baby members and provide perfect services.
    (6) Baby swimming is the latest parenting concept of popularity. At present, many infant families have attracted great attention.
    Example: The population of the medium -sized city is about 400,000 people, calculated at 2%of the birth rate of population: 400,000*2%= 8000 people/December = 677 people/month. Law of 20:80: 20%of babies will swim, 667*20*= 133 people/month. a conservative calculation 133 people*38 yuan/time = 5054. B of which 20%of the baby swimming will swim 3 times a week and 133 people*20%= 27. 3*4.5 = 13.5 times a month, a total of 27*13.5 = 365 times. 365 times*38 yuan/time = 13870 yuan/month. Total operating income every month: (1) (2) = 18924 yuan/month.
    Operating cost expenditure: (1) Artificial (2 people): 1,800 yuan (2) Rent 1,000 yuan (3) Miscellaneous fees: 600 yuan (4) hot water and gas costs, water and electricity costs, swimming consumables, swimming consumables :3000 yuan. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Total expenditure: 4600 yuan. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Pure profit: 18924-6400 = 12424 yuan.
    How to increase the turnover of the baby swimming pool
    The children's swimming pool is mainly aimed at children aged 1-6, which is different from infant swimming pools for 0-1 years old and adult swimming pools. On the one hand, the advantages and disadvantages originated from the baby's love, and on the other hand, from the evaluation of parents. Many children's swimming pools are unclear, and they cannot do the professional standard of professional children's swimming pool training systems, but also cannot be separated from the bad impression of the "bathhouse" in the eyes of parents, and they are in a dilemma of embarrassment.
    . Differential marketing: Deep insight into the core needs of customers, and what is the needs of the storefront packaging customers to choose the children's swimming pool? What value can the store provide to meet the needs of customers? This is the premise and foundation of whether the store can attract customers and retain customers. Customers choose the most fundamental needs of children's swimming pools for children's health. As a baby swimming pool, all supporting facilities, environments, services and other factors are for the health of the baby. In terms of hardware, safe swimming equipment and water quality, the indoor environment and ventilation conditions of the healthy environment, timely heating and water supply systems, etc.; In terms of software, comfortable dressing environment and swimming environment, professional meticulous and patient services, etc. In every element that can take into account the healthy elements of the baby, find the prominent advantage of the store, that is, the core selling point, and make a key packaging to form a unique sales proposition. For example, having a childcare teacher and infant swimmer for many years to ensure service majors; such as oversized space, professional swimming equipment, etc., concentrate, focus on highlights, implement differentiated marketing, and do not talk about it. Children's swimming pool itself is a branch subdivided by the mother and baby industry market. It needs to conduct targeted marketing of specific groups (ie, children 1-6 years old). During the promotion process, the psychological characteristics and psychological characteristics and Parents' needs, emphasizing their professional positioning, focusing on the target population, focusing on highlighting advantages, distinguishing competitors, making storefront packaging, refining theme image and theme slogan, and forming a unified dissemination of external transmission.
    . Service marketing: Basic services additional services, allowing customers to experience value -added services that are value for money on basic service items. Children's swimming pools generally involve services including children's swimming, children's bathing, swimming passive exercises, children's Swimming teaching, in the process of service, we must make full use of the special psychological characteristics of imitation, curiosity, good games, good praise and encouragement, and success of children 1-6 years old to scientifically guide babies to have a good impression on swimming and like swimming. During the swimming service, the swimmer can appropriately organize some interactive games to encourage the baby, such as placing some water toys in the water to let the baby grab and grab the toys to the baby. In addition, some small -scale swimming competitions can also be organized to increase the interaction and entertainment in the pool. Babies who perform excellent performance can be encouraged appropriately. During the service, the swimmer should observe the baby's physical condition in time and inform the parents in time. After swimming, measure the height and weight of the baby, and give suggestions and professional opinions on specific situations. Therefore, the additional service, as the name suggests, is the service outside the purchase. In the process of participating in the purchase, customers are not "cheap", but "take advantage". Occupy cheap, naturally easy to accept products or services. Therefore, in some cases, it is better to send some additional services than the price reduction sales. This requires the children's swimming pool salesperson and service staff to work hard on the sales skills to create a value -for -money feeling. Conditional customers may wish to give additional services such as baby haircuts, baby trace elements, or baby growth and development testing after the baby swimming, and some early education tools such as literacy cards, color cards, parenting discs can be placed in the store. And parents. Then there are non -member customers. After each swimming, a certain amount of coupons, vouchers or points cards, etc., can be used for the next time or accumulated. On the one hand Cultivate repeated consumption.
    . Member marketing: In -depth intensive cultivation, cultivating children's swimming pools with loyal customer groups will adopt a member system. Member marketing does not simply establish a member library, send a member card consumption points or enjoy the enjoyment Member discounts are so simple. Many companies do not really grasp the essence of membership marketing, and only stay at the level of "card -consumption". Member marketing needs to provide differentiated services and precise marketing, thereby increasing customer loyalty. 1. Establishing consumer database membership consumer database is the basis for researching consumer behavior. By collecting membership information of members, classification of them

  2. If you want to start a business, you need to consider the following questions at least:
    1. Consider the appropriate entrepreneurial project. For example, you want to engage in the catering industry, clothing industry, Internet industry, education industry, or other industries; do you start a business in the form of franchise or independent operation; whether to operate online stores or physical stores. At the same time, you need to consider whether the entrepreneurial projects you choose are prospects for development and whether you can make a profit.
    2. Consider whether it has qualifications. For example, if you want to engage in the catering industry, whether you have experience and necessary knowledge in this area.
    3. Consider the issue of entrepreneurial funds. Any entrepreneurship is inseparable from entrepreneurial funds, are you ready for sufficient funds? In addition, any entrepreneurial is likely to fail, and are you ready to lose money.
    If you are starting a business and insufficient turnover funds, you can try to apply for borrowing. Now there are many credit platforms that help small and micro enterprises' funds turnover. Remember to choose a regular platform, such as small full finance, low interest rates, low interest rates, and 70 % of the small and micro enterprise owners of small and micro. The brand is more at ease.
    The answer is provided by Kangbo Finance. Kangbo Finance focuses on the interpretation of financial hot events, science of financial knowledge science, follows professionalism, pursues interesting, and is a financial content that the people can understand. Essence I hope this answer is helpful to you.

  3. If you want to make money by maternal and infants, you need to master all kinds of skills.
    1. Selection
    The first emphasis on the address of the store. The geographical location of the store is set well before the profit will follow the store. Generally speaking, the mother and baby store must be close to the densely populated area of ​​life to avoid large office areas. If you open shops in the community or streets, you should also pay attention to whether the shops around the store can drive the flow of personnel.
    It to open a well -known shop shop, the quality of the product must not be worse. When purchasing, the owner should carefully understand the market's market, carefully compare the quality of the product, and then determine the type and quantity of the purchase. In this way, we can avoid the situation where shop products are not pleasing or unable to sell in later operations.
    2. Service
    The service of the store: Customers before entering the store, professional services when entering the store, and after -sales service after entering the store. You can really do the service of the store. The after -sales service of the store is important, and it is also the easiest to ignore the store. The store often thinks that the service work is over after the customer leaves the store, but often at this time is the time to compete for service quality. If you want the store to make a profit, the store must pay attention to the improvement of after -sales service.
    In the mother and infant shop can make money now? The answer is yes, but there is also an important premise to find the right business method. The above is only some fur of business precautions. More store opening skills can join Mei Beauty Mom ~

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