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  1. 1. Responsible for training companies and product information for training companies such as beauty shops, beauty artists, store managers, and high -end customers, familiarize with the service process of the beauty and medical industry, and master the professional knowledge of plastic surgery projects.
    2. According to customer needs, provide customers with plastic consultation or medical beauty project consultation to achieve sales targets;
    3. Assist the store to develop new terminal customers and promote sales.
    4, a kind and charming smile is the best packaging of the external image. On any occasion, any place, and contact with anyone, you must always smile. One is part of your life.
    5. The ethical and decent talks are both external images and internal quality. They are the core of image packaging and the most difficult to achieve. If you concentrate on your experience, you will gradually reach the goal.
    6. The personal brand image is not only a personal behavior, but also the embodiment of the institutional brand image. It must also cooperate with the strategic strategy of the institutional brand.
    The expansion data
    1. There is a certain knowledge of plastic surgery, such as plastic surgery, aesthetic base, and beauty learning.
    2. Familiar with various plastic surgery items, including postoperative effects, postoperative recovery cycle, postoperative precautions, etc.
    3. What are the specialties of the hospital experts, including doctor cases, customer feedback, hospital price, etc.
    4, with a certain aesthetic accomplishment, facing different customers to put forward appropriate plastic surgery needs.
    5, good at communicating and communicating, can insight into the hearts of customers, and propose a satisfactory plan for customers.
    6. There must be conscience and bottom line. In the face of customers, do not flicker, do not deceive, and use your sincerity to impress customers.

  2. This occupation is a bit similar to sales. First of all, it is almost the most profitable occupation in the entire medical beauty industry. Some consultants have a monthly income of 300,000; secondly, the test of personal communication and communication ability is relatively large. You can choose Qiyu Medical Beauty; there is another point that this kind of profession that is similar to sales will definitely not be easy. Be prepared for psychological preparation!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, I am glad to answer your questions. If you are here, you can register directly on the Internet, but each one requires application conditions. The application conditions are as follows: 1. Elementary. As long as the junior certificate is 18 years old, the junior high school degree or above can apply for the exam. 2. Intermediate. Intermediate certificates need to be at least 18 years old. At the same time, they have a high school degree or above. The working life can be registered for the exam after 2 years. 3. Advanced. Advanced certificates need to be over 20 years old and have a college degree or above. The working life is 4 years. You can sign up for the exam. 4. If the above conditions cannot be met, you can read the teacher V number on the right side of the article, or call the mobile phone number to consult the specific situation!nIs this certificate recognized by the country?nWork means that it has been working in the medical beauty industry for 4 years or in other jobsnThe answer is dear, all the certificates are recognized in the country.nIf you have this work experience, you need to work in medicine or related majors.n3 morenBleak

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