Graduation Internship Report

I was an internship in the Bank's Operation Department, which was the bank background, which was mainly trial. I don't know how to write this internship report. Thank you for helping you!

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  1. Guangdong Development Bank Hangzhou Branch Xiaoshan Sub -branch's internship report
    Abstract: Bank settlement is a link connecting funds and economic activities. It is a necessary means to achieve normal economic operation. It has an important role. In recent years, banks have carried out reforms, strengthened management, and promoted economic development. However, due to various reasons, many banks, urban credit cooperatives, and enterprises currently have no credit, no implementation of settlement discipline, chaotic ordering, slow settlement, and long way to time, affecting the credibility of the bank. How to achieve the fundamental improvement of the settlement order and establish a good bank reputation is a very prominent problem in the current financial work.
    The keywords: banking; bank settlement; international settlement;
    . Introduction to the internship unit
    Guangdong Development Bank is a joint -stock business business approved by the State Council and the People's Bank of China and established in September 1988 Bank, registered capital is RMB 3.5 billion, headquartered in Guangzhou, China. As of the end of 2004, the total assets of Guangdong Development Bank was 344.5 billion yuan, the balance of various deposits was 300.5 billion yuan, and the balance of various loans was 215.7 billion yuan. Zhuhai, Shantou, Dongguan, Shenyang, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Wuxi, Macau and other Chinese economy cities have set up 26 branches and more than 480 business outlets, and have established agency relations with more than 1,100 banks from major overseas financial centers. The pattern of large -scale urbanization banks was initially formed. According to the British "Bank" magazine's ranking of 1,000 large banks around the world, Guangdong Development Bank has been selected into the top 500 global banks for four consecutive years.
    In Guangdong Development Bank is committed to providing high -quality financial services for the public and China's economic development. Since the seventeenth year of its establishment, we have always adhered to strict standards, forge ahead, and unswervingly follow the path of "characteristic operations", strictly conduct standardized operations and stable development in accordance with the principles of operating management of modern commercial banks. Faced with new competition and challenges, Guangdong Development Bank will continue to carry forward the spirit of the times with the times and pioneering innovation, promote the steady and coordinated development of various businesses, and strive to build a modern business with advanced management, good service, reputation, and strong competition. bank.
    The operating scope of Guangdong Development Bank is all banks stipulated in the "Commercial Bank Law", mainly including: absorb public deposits, issuing short -term, medium -term and long -term loans; handling settlement; handling of bill posts; issuing financial bonds; proxy issuance; proxy issuance 、代理兑付、承销政府债券;买卖政府债券;从事同业拆借;提供信用证服务及担保;代理收付款项及代理保险业务;提供保险箱服务;外汇存款;外汇贷款;外汇汇款;外币兑换;国际结算; Foreign exchange settlement, foreign exchange borrowing; acceptance and discounting of foreign exchange bills; foreign exchange loans; issuance of foreign exchange guarantee; foreign exchange credit cards; foreign currency securities other than trading and agency trading stocks; issuance and agency issuance of foreign currencies other than stocks are valuable Securities; self -employed and valet foreign exchange trading; the issuance and payment business of foreign credit cards; offshore financial business; credit investigation, consultation, and witness business. Approved by the People's Bank of China and the Bank of China supervision and management agency.
    The main products and services are: RMB deposits, loans, settlement business, RMB savings business; foreign exchange deposits, foreign exchange remittances, foreign currency exchange; international settlement; international settlement; approved by the People's Bank of China Other business.
    . Experience work experience
    March 20, 2006, I came to the business department of the Xiaoshan Sub -branch of Guangdong Development Bank for internship, focusing on studying bank settlement. Financial financial accounting settlement and international settlement. Combined with the theoretical knowledge learned in books for four years, in work practice, I realized a lot of things that I could not experience in school learning. Some professional knowledge that I could not learn from the books. The following are the accounting settlement and Experience of the two major business departments of international settlement.
    (1) Bank accounting settlement business
    The bank accounting was born at the same time as banks. The operation process of each bank's operation, that is, the operation and accounting process of bank accounting, must be achieved through accounting. In other words, the accounting process of bank accounting is to specifically handle the banking business and realize the basic functions of banking.
    The bank accounting is not only an important basic work of the bank, but can objectively reflect, account for and supervise the bank's operations, but also these three functions of bank accounting can also affect banks' operations. They are complementary to each other. of. For a month in the bank accounting settlement department, he has learned how to open basic deposits, temporary deposits, general depositors, etc., and different accounts that require different information; how to apply for settlement accounts, how to handle capital increase.
    It in terms of payment settlement, I have learned the clearing methods and circulation procedures of various bills, including bank drafts, commercial bills, bank tickets and checks. "International Settlement" and "Financial Accounting" have also been learned, and they are very proficient, but there is really a big difference between practical operation and theoretical knowledge of books. In real operation, bank accounts must not only be familiar with the anti -counterfeiting points and record matters of the bill, the ticket, and the check, but also the audit of the acceptance of the bill: whether the bill is prompted within the payment period; Whether the endowner is indeed an unit or individual; whether the amount of the ticket issuance is the same, and whether the amount of the bank bill and the vote is printed with a pressure machine; Reserve the seal consistent; and other matters. The practical work allocated on my hand has helped bank accounting seals, mainly the legal person seal and financial chapter on the bill; how to learn how to knock on the chapters, each accounting staff, there are many different types of chapters on hand, There are obtaining chapters, as a waste chapter, bank chapter, etc., to knock on the right chapters in the right place; learn how to use the pressure machine and check printer; and so on. These are all in the school's class. Knowledge skills.
    (2) Bank of international settlement business
    It international settlement business For the entire banking business, the risk, low cost, high profit, and high technical content. On the whole, the proportion of employees in the international settlement business field and the scale of credit is not high, but the profits they occupy account for a considerable share of bank net income.
    During the junior year, we have learned a original "International Payment". The main learning is the knowledge of foreign exchange settlement. From this I learned what is a letter of credit, what is the collection business, the telegram, ticket exchange exchange, and ticket remittances The differences in Xinhui and so on, and know a large number of English professional vocabulary, which is very helpful for my later internship work in the International Business Department.
    In in the internship work of reality, under the teachings of work mentors, I have learned how to issue import letters and documents that need to be submitted. Cover the seal and the seal of the accounting personnel), the import approval, the copy of the deposit return order, the credit approval (first), the import of import issuance dynamics, the notice of the account; how to modify the letter of credit, how to collect how to charge RMB margin; those procedures for export letter of credit to pack loans; what information should be provided for export letter of credit for export letter of credit; and so on.
    During the internship, the most confused at the beginning was the Faifting business. It may be that when it was in school, I basically did not contact the relevant knowledge of Fu Fei Ting. I rarely encountered it, so in practical practice, I was puzzled by it. Under the continuous practice of internship teachers, I finally figured out that the blessing court was to buy an overseas opening bank without pursuit. Long -term exchange or long -term bills for margin banks are more applicable to large transactions. The business of the blessings must be under the long -term credit certificate. The enterprise must submit it with the bank.
    At the same time, in addition to learning some very professional foreign exchange business knowledge, I have also learned the treatment of trivial trivial matters encountered in some foreign exchange businesses. Although it is a trivial matter, it is essential in the handling of foreign exchange business. For example, credit fax, filling in foreign exchange revenue and expenditure declaration forms, consolidation and issuance of customer water orders and nuclear sales orders, receiving and receiving notices of credit datiarism, and so on.
    . Internship summary
    Through this internship, I have a deeper understanding of my major, and it is also the consolidation and use of knowledge learned in the four years. From this internship, I have realized that the actual work and the knowledge in books are a certain distance, and work is further learning. Although the business of this internship is mostly concentrated in the relatively simple front desk accounting business and international business, this allows me to understand the process of bank accounting, accounting procedures, and the actual operation of foreign exchange business, so that my basic business in the bank is in the bank's basic business On the one hand, it is no longer limited to books, but has a more comprehensive understanding. From this internship, I realize that if we combine our knowledge in college with more practices, use practice to test the truth, so that an undergraduate has a strong ability to handle basic practical ability and comparison The professional knowledge of the system is the real purpose of our study and internship.

    The bank internship report sample 2 -Loan card review
    The internship report (1)
    today is the first day to go to the bank internship. Fortunately, my aunt had to go to work in the morning. She took me to the business department on the second floor and greeted her elder brother and sister. She went downstairs. I copied a few of the highest asset evaluation reports in the morning, and read the newspaper without doing nothing in the afternoon. A few newspapers in the office have been read by me. I plan to bring the tax law book tomorrow. It is better to look at some useful things, rather than boring. In fact, they are very busy recently. This month, the loan card review is required, and the internal review should be corrected. The loan business itself must continue. But many things are unable to get started. They must not be responsible for us. So my leisure is helpless!
    about 10 minutes walk from home to banks. I went out early in the morning, and I bought some snacks to bring a snack to DD when I walked around the bank. At noon, I went home to eat, and eating at home is more afraid! Seeing the fierce offensive of my left and right bows, no wonder my dad said to DD before I went home, "You still eat more now! When your sister comes back, you don't have to eat." I said when I ate at night. When this matter, I said that if I and DD changed, my mother would be happy. He eats more, and he is stronger; I eat less, and I look slim and find a good target.
    In at 5:30, I bought something near the jewelry area near the train station after get off work. It is probably for a long time in Hangzhou, and it has been poisoned for a long time. I think those beautiful things are cheap, which directly causes me to open the price too high. Comfort yourself: "Forget it, it is already cost -effective than buying in Hangzhou, haha."
    is getting hotter and hot, I miss the days of being affected by "Bilis" Intersection When I arrived in the office in the morning, I was sweating. This morning I filled a few guarantees for the guarantee of the guarantee. When it comes to paying the electricity fee, I waited for more than half an hour before it was turn. It took more than 20 minutes to finish it. The bank is really busy and low! I think they have never stopped working at the counter. Those who handle automatic transfer, this ticket billing, account opening, etc. are a waste of time. Those who lined up were all on fire. In the afternoon, it took almost an hour to help the client manager line up for loan business. If you have almost scolded people if you have a temper. What is this efficiency! However, banks are indeed served for rich people. I think small businesses such as water and electricity charges, industrial and commercial management fees, and road maintenance fees are not necessary to conduct at the counter. This is a waste of resources for both parties! I heard that Shanghai does not have something similar to the automatic withdrawal machine. You can pay a variety of costs on it, how easy it is to save, or promote it early!
    In afternoon, there was a gain. When I went downstairs, I just saw the manager of the business department mentioned several rectangular boxes out of the counter. I just thought it was sending the money to the head office, but it was not right to see the time. I saw her walk to a small room near the street, and the security guard immediately stood outside to guard. I saw her open a door like a safe from the door gap and put the small box in the grid. I saw a roll of paper with wide palms on that machine (like the one given by the supermarket when checking out). All signs show that this is the "inside story" of the ATM machine. Taking money on the ATM machine is often a meal, and it is luck to see this stuff. I remember that the ICBC's automatic withdrawal machine in the school had two security stations with electric batons every time, and it was impossible to get closer! Hehe ~~ Look at the eye horizons ~
    It is finally not so idle today. In the morning, I was still the same. After copying a defender record, I was okay. The manager was chatting with a big customer, and I fell asleep listening to it. It was more than 11 o'clock after waking up. After cleaning the office in the morning, I went to the garbage. A teller pointed at the room of the ATM machine. I walked in in doubt. Wow! In addition to the machine, there are several barrels of mineral water and a carton used to put garbage. Is the connotation rich enough? Hehe ~ By the way, I know that the business manager yesterday took the banknote box, and the roll of paper was printed.
    This in the afternoon my index finger was cramped. The electronic version of the manager to make a corporate report must also be balanced. It's not difficult, I made 3 copies. There are many tomorrow! I am worried that I will dream of many numbers at night, and turn around me ~
    today is the busiest day since the internship. I have never stopped all day and have been input. Finally completed the 20 -year loan card annual review of electronic documents. Documents include balance sheets, profit distribution forms, and cash flow sheets. They are strange! If a company has a cash flow sheet, they will praise their accounting. It is said that the flow sheet is difficult to do, and I have a challenging intention. Such busy is happy. Although the manager said he was embarrassed to do things. I told her that it was really boring to do nothing. I could not only learn things for helping them, but also a sense of accomplishment.
    The financial representative of Yiming Food Co., Ltd. came over in the morning. I remember my junior high school classmate's uncle is the leader of Yiming Company. Of course I am not interested in because of this.
    I Ming milk bar is everywhere in Wenzhou, they are really creative. Breakfast is recommended to Wenzhou people with the concept of health and nutrition. And their stores are relatively low -key and low investment. You see that McDonald's costs about 6 million franchise fees, and the fresh milk bar starts with a startup funds of 10,000 to 200,000, and the good people who do well will recover the cost a year. Breakfast people are solved at which roadside stalls, clean and hygienic fresh milk, let us open our eyes! I feel that the person who wants to come up with this idea is really genius. He did not set his eyes on dinner or swallow abalone fin fin, but noticed a small breakfast. Yiming originally started to make fresh milk, (I also drank the milk installed in a plastic bottle), so they combined this with the milk bar and formed a good combination and logistics supply.
    The people said that the special marketing method made it difficult for other manufacturers to enter the Wenzhou market. It's like "light" can't compete. PS: Wenzhou people have a custom that when the child is full, the grandmother will dye red eggs to the neighbors. But that kind of egg is easy to deteriorate, and it is not everyone loves to eat white eggs, so it is a kind of egg milk that makes red egg -shaped, and this idea does not know how many markets have been occupied. I just want to say that they are so smart!
    The loan cards have passed more than 20 copies at one time today, and I felt relieved. In the next few days, several sporadic companies can do it. In the afternoon, the president was looking for me. It's really scared me. I went to his office to know that it was for me to make a manuscript. Haha, little! Quickly get it. Our president is very interesting.
    I Mom asked me to interns for another week in the bank. In this case, I was about to return to Hangzhou immediately after my internship. Hey, I don't feel rest! But having said that, the more time, the more it will be wasted! You have to do housework and computer at home; if you go to internship, you can learn something. It is said that it can also lay the foundation for future work. Never thought that working in a bank, maybe still a bit disdainful. At the bank, the work pressure is very high, and it is necessary to pull deposits and loans. But the benefits are good, and there is a good incentive mechanism. It is good to be admitted to civil servants! However, from the actual situation, you still need to consider all the possibilities. Now the vision is so high. In the future, the unemployment is to ask for hard work.

    Bling internship report sample three -China Merchants Bank Internship Report

    Im Intern Diary of China Merchants Bank (01)
    Hurry up and report. (Who uses fraud, who uses recruitment, who orders, who compromises, I don't know, but some people will know).
    In in the morning at 9 am, I arrived at the 4th floor of the News Building on time. The news building is a bus station, which can explain some situations. People who work here are pure white -collar workers, and the company's enterprise units also have a considerable scale. A administrator asked to understand my origin. After being confirmed, let me register, and report to the Human Resources Department's office according to the instructions. When I entered the room, I saw the familiar faces. At this time, I could at least distinguish Mr. Lu, and there was another person who had seen in the written test field. Mr. Lu asked me to sit down first. I sat for a while. He was chatting on the phone. Later, a colleague friend who looked like a friend chatted with him for a while. Endless and appropriate. Observing Mr. Lu's conversation can clearly understand how the standard HR does. Later, a lady Sun also came in. She was familiar. She asked my origin, and it was immediately clear. After sitting, it was boring. I seemed to be aware of some movements, and they finally started to "deal with" me.
    Mr. Lu first handed an internship notice. I looked and looked at it. Essence Essence It doesn't matter if you don't remember other terms. They gave me the address of the Nanshan Sub -branch and the contact of Mr. Hu. Preliminary divided into Nanshan Sub -branch. Of course, the Shenzhen people believe that Nanshan Mountain Sub -branch is in Nanshan District, but after verification, Nanshan District does not have the address given by them. After a long time, Nanshan Sub -branch, which was originally Jinfeng City Building, was next to Book City. My God, Nanshan Sub -branch is at the junction of Lake, Futian. My understanding, their ideas for granted, the lack of understanding of the China Merchants Bank, causing a waste of time, and boring and a message on the way. faint!
    finally arrived at Nanshan Sub -branch. Mr. Hu also looked like a human resources. The human resources officer of China Merchants Bank has a characteristic, with a clean voice, a small volume, and clear. He asked me to resume, I didn't bring it, and I didn't save it online. So he briefly recorded his question: graduation college, his place of origin, professionalism. Essence Essence It's almost noon. The standard bank biological clock and HR reaction are proud. He asked the service to give me lunch. As soon as lunch, I was pulled to see the president. The president of Nanshan Sub -branch was Wang Wang. The two women seemed to be signed by the president. I felt that the president looked at me with the corner of the eyes. I also adjusted my standing position and learned Mr. Hu's back lock. But unnatural, of course, the suits and leather shoes are spiritual and sent. After asking me a few general questions and the intention that I would not answer (Mr. Hu has always made records). He shook hands with me and asked me to practice first.
    Mrus Hu has finished some of my things: I will determine the specific internship outlets next week. I asked me for my mobile phone. I came here on Monday and started to work.
    The internship diary of China Merchants Bank (02)
    The internship location is at the Jinfeng City Branch. The principle of China Merchants Bank is that as long as it is beneficial, the branch outlets can be designed everywhere. Therefore, Nanshan Sub -branch is located at the junction of Luohu and Futian; it is said that Shekou Sub -branch also has branches located in Luohu and dizzy. Essence Essence
    At the branch, we first met with the president. Governor and Governor Peng, two women, were positive and back, and higher -level deputy, generally went to work late. However, Mr. Peng has already started to work, and it is obviously a leader who is an example. Face -to -face conversations are also talking about basic situations and talk about her family. She said that her junior high school is also an experimental person, but obviously not only a few years older than me. People have worked hard for ten years before they became presidents. Be sure to work hard, because it represents positive, struggling, and unlazy. She told me that she couldn't mix here. But mixing can actually work hard. Later, when I met Gao Gao, she made me clarify my direction, and I also hope that my direction can gradually be clear.
    The internships are mainly wealth management product marketing. The most of them are receiving and calling. Essence Essence What brought me was Xiao Zhao, who was one year old, and I could do it, but he was more familiar. But he was very enthusiastic and would talk about teaching and impatient. I sat in him for half a morning. The VIP counter is the same as the outside counter. There have always been waiters. They added up to less than an hour to rest.
    In the end of the account. The wealth management business manager must also follow up the status of various financial products and contact customers at any time. I just copy the customer information registration for more than two or three hours. Generally, the counters have only C -level permissions, and the amount of amount of processing is limited, and the A -level will be more powerful. The deputy president is A -level, so don't think that the president will only sit in the office.
    In one day, the stomach can't stand the hunger first, but everyone in the marketing department still has to grit teeth to meet. They just discussed an hour for the efficiency issue. It seemed that the president was very anxious, but the others were helpless. There is a newly launched marketing product. The great one can receive 1600 more this month. Now China Merchants Bank's 59th to 64th "Foreign Exchange" foreign exchange wealth management revenue products are newly launched. People who speculate in foreign exchange come over to collect the advantages of fishermen. There are US dollars and Hong Kong dollars. The short -term "short -term growth" is the shortest of the shortest 3 months.
    If next is HSBC Bank. Next year, the personal banking business will be fully opened. The short soldiers are connected directly here.

    The internship diary of China Merchants Bank (03)
    The is very tired today, not working too much, but not sleeping well. Thanks to my internship, it doesn't matter if you do more or less lazy.
    It is here in the morning, even if there is a laugh and laughter, it is ready to go. The money was piled up, and there were 6 or 7 boxes. The front desk is here, and look at it. Although the eyes are in the eyes, it is easy. Although it cannot be operated, it is still dazzling.
    less than half an hour, the director told me to come, I know that it was time for me to work. Sure enough, I asked me to call. I called the information survey. Later, I knew that my understanding and concept were wrong. It was customer maintenance. "Hello, am I Mr. XXX? I am China Merchants Bank Jinfeng City Sub -branch. We do information maintenance for Golden Sunflower customers. Can we disturb you for 1 to 2 minutes?" I said, "Why do you say that you are from China Merchants Bank? Now there are more, saying that it is deceiving ..." The skin is gradually thicker, and the predecessors are constantly mentioning. Even if the statistics cannot be done, the information can be obtained. In fact, there are not so many busy people, but can you make those "busy people" have some sense of security.
    The afternoon I don't need to continue to call. I was arranged to go to the lobby for service. It faced the customer directly, and there was no formal stuffing side by side. "What is the return order?" Everyone laughed, "Which profession are you?" Halo, this kind of thing is common to them, and it is taken for granted than eating. Here, I became like an alien. Essence Essence Banks enter the bill, cash payment bill, and deliberately record the withdrawal for high -end customers.
    The atmosphere of various environments and various atmospheres, don't understand slowly. The skin can be thicker. Essence Essence
    The Merchants Bank internship diary (04)
    It today we wore a blue -colored shirt. In addition to the bright "interns" brand, I was completely "bank employee.
    The "teacher" in the bank today is giving me class. Although I know half -knowledge, it is still serious.
    Credit card cash deposit bills: without the card without filling in, filling in the bill without card;
    This remittance dedicated bouncing (this is this kind of remittance to you): It belongs to (1) For deposit bills, you can do not need to pass a passbook (2) fast remittances for different places (3) Alien peers and the same system, the handling fee is 0.5%, and the handling fee in the same city is exempted. Note: The receipt is only in the deposit bill, but the remittant gets it. (Those unbelievable accounts can be dependent)
    The personal transfer/remittances are suitable for private and public remittances, all of which belong to ordinary remittances and can be transferred to the same/different bank (system): (1) Same/different in the same city, free/receive one yuan fee; (2) The bouncing is real -time payment (half an hour of working hours), and even if the account is received, the handling fee is received according to the proportion of remittances. Note: The voucher must be transferred to the transfer (with the depending on the payer, he cannot depend on it)
    The personal account reporting/freezing application form is divided into: (1) verbal loss and phone loss 95555 or bank counters at the bank counter Fill in orders (2) Written reports include loss or damage (this must be implemented by the account opening bank), and the number of passwords will be lost within 7 days. 4 days to solve the hanging. Note: Fill in the application for the loss of the loss; except for verbal loss, other proceeds can be done; the solution must go.

    The internship diary of China Merchants Bank (05)
    It is a rare relaxed day today.
    It for two hours in the counter in the morning. The predecessor of the counter is very patient and people. In the morning, if there are not many business, I will listen to it and record it. After benefiting a lot, I went away without saying a word. It ’s not that I’ m not patient. Some things are meaningless. Not only are they very addicted, but they ca n’t see it. They ca n’t remember it for a while. They must be combined with other association links. Essence Essence
    has stayed in the lobby afterwards, and the lobby continues to contact customers. Their problem is my problem, or the problem I want to understand. Their arrival promotes the growth of my business. It is very picky about my standing posture, and my hair length (slightly long, complained by the president) does not meet the image of the lobby, but my attitude is absolutely good. I implement the service that the service changes because of you. Smiles will never never smile. Change. If you won't say it, you must think about it.
    The misleading customer has obtained the wrong form. The high -end customers do not understand the conditions. The business application processing procedures are not familiar, the copy is unqualified, and the personal business charging rate is still mixed or unclear. Also, you ca n’t avoid it. The telephone marketing issued by the supervisor is still happy.

    The internship report of China Merchants Bank (06)
    The first year's working salary of China Merchants Bank for an average of more than 3,000 a month. Come to invest is not, it is not used for saving. Compared with other friends, it is indeed lost. Essence Essence "Why do you go to China Merchants Bank?" "Do you still choose to stay here after your internship?" What is the blink of an eye? "
    When can I earn my first 100,000? Why compare with others and compare with yourself, always urge yourself to improve compared to before and keep pace with the times.
    The new master taught me to tear back the order again. It is easy to tear back the order, but it will always be green when you tear your eyes. Zhang Zhang number. After the afternoon, I couldn't wait to learn the sub -ticket. This is slightly complicated. In the connected tickets, the subpoena (including the loan ticket, the copy, the XXX, the return order, the receipt of the bill) in the connected ticket tear it into three categories in the process. Error. *Note: It is very important. There is one of the upper and 401s of the lending voucher. The next 211 cannot be wrong, otherwise it will be specially dealt with, but I have never encountered it today.
    The personal business of China Merchants Bank is more diversified, and there are many miscellaneous official affairs. Everyone must understand all business, help any customer solve the problem in real time, but also introduce our business appropriately. The shareholders' personal business share should still not be enough for four major banks, and there are still many in the occupation of market share and maintaining customers. The concept of China Merchants Bank must be 1234567. The diligent corporate culture will definitely change my laziness.

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