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  1. 1. From 201 to 201A
    Is 201 on the market for the production of stainless steel welded pipes is not 201, nor SUS201 in the Japanese JIS standard. Standards, let's call it 201A. It is a nickel -saving stainless steel material introduced from India, nickel -containing nickel, and about 1%nickel -containing nickel. It is called J4 in India and 202A in Taiwan in China. Some people call it in mainland China.
    Since the stainless steel has entered the decoration market in the late 1980s, stainless steel decorative materials are mainly 304. Although it has developed rapidly, it has always been sold in large and medium -sized cities. The decoration of the doors and windows and stairs armrests of hotels, restaurants. The author went to Urumqi, Xinjiang in the mid -1990s. It was found that the stairs handrails of the star hotel only were stainless steel. Other pillars were supported by wood and other materials. Outside the region, there are few small and medium cities and rural areas in the Mainland. 304 stainless steel pipes have a higher price, which seriously affects the application of stainless steel pipes in the decoration industry.
    In the end of the 1990s, India's Kingdale introduced a stainless steel material called J4 into China (that is, 201A mentioned in this article). Its low price suddenly attracted many stainless steel welding pipe companies and decorative manufacturers. Production and sales, there are very few manufacturers provided at that time. The Jindale company can be said to be unified, and its business in China has developed rapidly. After that, some domestic private enterprises quickly discovered this business opportunity and quickly invested funds to start producing this stainless steel material. Around 2006, Jinsley once stopped selling in China, and now it only provides a small part. The domestic welded pipe industry has almost no longer use the board of Kingsley.
    . The share of the market in the stainless steel decoration tube in 201A
    I because the stainless steel belt made of 201A is only slightly harder than 304, and the extension rate is worse than 304. It does not affect the use. After polishing, it will not rust indoors within a short time. It is as magnetic as 304. It is generally impossible to argue with them by observing the surface. This makes this cheap stainless steel develop rapidly.
    Until 2008, the Foshan area in Guangdong Province reached nearly 200 manufacturers, with an output of about 1 million T. Except for a few companies such as Lanshi Aerospace, most companies did not produce 304 pipes. The ratio of the stainless steel pipe of the material, the ratio of 304 and 201A is about 1: 9.
    In in terms of sales, in addition to Fujian, Shanghai, Guangdong, and Jiangsu and Zhejiang, they are also selling some 304 stainless steel decorative tubes, and the stainless steel decoration tubes sold in other parts of the country are almost all 201A or 201A worse than 201A. "Nickel -free magnetic" so -called stainless steel welded pipe.
    This stainless steel analysts of Pu Xiang, Mr. Li Jinlong, in the article "Outlook for the Development and Circulation Structure of China's Stainless Steel Industry", held that the proportion of 2006 2006 (mainly 201A) stainless steel sales was 23.9%, but From the perspective of decorative stainless steel welded pipes, in addition to a few provinces of coastal provinces, it also uses some 304 stainless steel welded pipes as decorative materials, other provinces and cities almost use 304 as decorative materials, but in large quantities of 201A, including plates and pipes, occupying stainless steel decorative pipes, occupying stainless steel decorative pipes More than 80%of the market sales.
    The following is the price and output chart of stainless steel welded pipes in a company in the past three years. It can be seen from the above charts that between 2008 and 2010, the price of 304 fluctuated a large price, the lowest price to the highest price was 1: 1.63, and the output was stable. The minimum price to the highest price is 1: 1.22, and the output gradually increases, indicating that the decoration is gradually inclined to 201A.
    The description: The vast rural market does not accept too high prices, and the price will seriously affect sales after rising prices. Price is the first factor in the market sales. In addition, stable prices will gradually increase market share.
    Although some people think that the consumption of the stainless steel market in Japan and South Korea in the past three years is mainly 304 and 430, and 201A only accounts for less than 1%. 430 is mainly, supplemented by 201A, but it can be seen from the table, the consumption of stainless steel decorative tubes can not see this trend within at least 3 to 5 years.

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