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  1. I believe that more and more military fans, like me, are very pleased and proud of China's military development in the past 10 years.
    With the development of the media and the development of short videos, we are more and more able to receive some advanced weapons, such as the introduction of missiles, when everyone sees that a certain missile uses GPS navigation, below will inevitably commented. Waste, what age is it, and I still use GPS. I really don’t know what the Beidou spent so much money. "If it is really unclear by netizens, then this article can explain it. Floods touch the fish shape, everyone has to polish!
    GPS Global System (GPS) is a high -precision radio navigation system based on artificial earth satellites. Geographical location, vehicle speed and accurate time information. Since its inception, GPS has attracted many users with its high accuracy, all -weather, global coverage, and convenient and flexible. GPS is not only the patron saint of cars, but also a wisdom star managed by the logistics industry. With the rapid development of the logistics industry, GPS has a pivotal role and has become the second largest consumer group after the automotive market. GPS was developed in the United States since the 1970s. It lasted 20 years and cost $ 20 billion. It was fully completed in 1994. It has a new generation of satellite navigation and positioning system with a full range of real -time real -time navigation and positioning functions in the sea, land, and air. .
    The GPS global positioning system was completed and put into use by Lao and the United States at first, so the global positioning system in the United States followed the abbreviation of GPS.
    The Big Dipper, the full name of Beidou satellite navigation system. It is a global satellite navigation system that focuses on national security and economic and social development. National important time and space infrastructure for navigation and time -time services.
    The development process is as follows:
    The late 20th century, China began to explore the development path of satellite navigation system suitable for national conditions, and gradually formed a three -step development strategy:
    The end of 2000, built Beidou Yichi The number system provides services to China;
    At the end of 2012, the Beidou II system was built to provide services to the Asia -Pacific region;
    in 2020, the Beidou III system was built to provide services to the world.
    So China's weapons have already adopted its own global satellite navigation system, that is, the Beidou satellite navigation system.
    So China ’s GPS is a Beidou satellite navigation system.
    Li Mei's GPS is Laomei's global positioning system (Lao Mei occupied this name), not we still use Laomei's GPS.

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