1 thought on “What are the gratitude of the retirement group?”

  1. As follows:
    1, the feast of the world is all grateful, and I have been here and let me know you, but because of some reasons, I will exit this group. I hope everyone will get better and better in the future!
    2, never say goodbye, I wish you all the best and better!
    3, the gathering is not the beginning, and it is not the end. Thank you for giving me so much help, encouragement and support. In the future, I hope you take care of it! The mobile phone number will not change, welcome to harass at any time!
    4. I am very lucky to meet you. Thank you for your company to accompany and help.
    5. Thank you for your care during this time. In these times here, you have been very pleasant and harmonious with everyone here. In the end, although I had to stay here, I was reluctant, but I still hope that everyone can do better, and the company's development can be smooth.
    6, a whistle, falling in the wilderness; the infinite melancholy and loneliness, at the moment of being separated, rushed to my heart together.
    7, we have to separate, say goodbye softly, keeping gratitude in our hearts, thank you for giving me a deep friendship.

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