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  1. The writing plan must not be the same. It is necessary to give play to the wisdom and creativity of each teacher. The teacher's plan should be based on the characteristics of the region and teach according to their aptitude. So, how to write the half -day activity plan for the middle class? To understand the relevant exciting content, please refer to the kindergarten mid -class half -day event plan I prepared for everyone, it will definitely help you, let's read it!
    kindergarten Mid -shift half -day activity plan 1
    . Come to the garden activity
    The event goals:
    1. Can be quietly conducted desktop games.
    2. Learn to play with your companions.
    The key guidance: Quietly game and learn to cooperate with companions.
    . Sports forging activity
    Activity target:
    1. I like to play sports activity appliances.
    2. Pay attention to the appropriate rest during the activity to avoid sweating too much and catch a cold.
    The key guidance: shooting ball
    Disted games: Large toys
    Capture games:
    . Learning activities: Mathematics Kingdom Tourism —— Learning Application Questions
    Activity name : Mathematics Kingdom Tourism —— Learn Application Questions
    The activity target:
    1. You can try to observe and analyze the meaning of the picture, and tell the meaning of the picture in simple language.
    2. Can be calculated according to the application of the edited application.
    The activity preparation: Four pictures of teaching aids, several arithmetic cards, and one -changing calculation.
    Activity process:
    . Driving the train
    Division: Today, we are going to travel to the Mathematical Kingdom to travel. See who's train is fast!
    showing the arithmetic card, and the child drives the train to do the question.
    . Mathematics Kingdom Travel
    Our train is so fast, and suddenly we will reach the Mathematics Kingdom. The king invites us to enjoy the landscape: What to see? What does it mean to talk about? Encourage children to tell the meaning of the map. The teacher randomly shows the application question. Please calculate the children.
    This use the same method to learn ② landscape, ③ number of landscapes, ④ landscape.
    . Seeing gifts
    We have finished reading four landscapes. The king prepared a gift for each of us children: a variety of calculations. Let's look through it together: I have the request, look at the number of times before turning over: Show 1 → 3 on the blackboard, the child says one or two, and flipped. Children look at the applied questions and calculate the formula. Show 1 → 5, the child said, one, two, three, and five, and turned over. Children look at the applied questions and calculate the formula. Show 3 → 1, the child said three21 and flipped it. Children look at the applied questions and calculate the formula. Show 5 → 1, the child said five four three two, flipping. Children look at the applied questions and calculate the formula.
    . The end of the end: Today, the travel of our math kingdom is over, do you have fun? Next time, Teacher Wu will take you to play. OK.
    . The corner activity
    Activity goals:
    1. Choose the area you like to actively autonomously, and have a certain durability.
    2. The area you play will be introduced.
    The key guidance: English angle, calculation angle
    Life activity
    Activity goals:
    1. Eat your own meals alone, quiet meals without picky eaters.
    2. The bottom of the bowl of rice, clear desktop, and clear ground.
    Crofin Mid -class half -day activity plan 2
    The purpose of activity:
    In the half -day activity of kindergartens, let parents understand the performance of kindergartens in the garden, familiarize with kindergarten teaching routine Playing, playing middle school, improving hands -on ability in school, developing perception, and experience success.
    The event content: come to the garden, desktop game, morning activities, morning exercises, collective game activities.
    . Come to the garden reception, desktop game (7: 30 —— 8: 20)
    The event location: Small Class Classroom
    Activity content: Group Desktop Toys
    , morning and outdoor outdoor Activity (8: 20-9: 00)
    The event location: Player
    Activity content: Parent -child playing sandbags
    Activity Purpose:
    , Throw it up hard, see who is high. Exercise the coordination of children's arm strength and movement.
    2. Ding sand bag: Put the sandbag on the top of the head, keep the baby balanced, and walk carefully. Do not let the sandbag fall down and exercise the balance of the child.
    3. Kicking the sandbag: Put the sandbag on the feet and kick the sand bag forward or above to exercise the baby's leg strength.
    three, morning exercises, morning talks (9: 00-9: 40)
    Activity location: Player
    Activity content: Flower spike, imitation exercise n Activity purpose: request for young children Being able to follow the teacher's rhythm full of spirit, start a new day in the relaxed and happy rhythm.
    . Parent -child game (9: 40-10: 55)
    (1) Regional parent -child game: see who fishing more fish, who clips more balls
    R n 1. Experience the happy emotions in fishing and pinching parent -child activities, and be willing to play with parents happily.
    2. Practicing the actions of fishing and clip to develop the baby's hand -eye coordination ability.
    3. Can distinguish simple size and color.
    4. Enhance the close relationship between parent -child.
    The activity preparation:
    The fish rod size of 20 roots; several pictures with hook fish; fish pond scene layout; several balls; several baskets; several chopsticks and spoons; placing scene layout; game rules icon.
    The activity process:
    1. Divide the children and parents into two major groups, and arrange them in the east and west sides of the classroom.
    2. Teachers explain the game rules:
    Fishing rules:
    Parens and children 20 people. Parents stand outside the fish pond. The children listen to the teacher's signal in the fish pond. Fishing, put the fish caught into the basket, and complete it within five minutes, see who fishing for a lot of fish.
    Thenic ball rules:
    Mu parents and children 20 people. Parents sit in the outer circle, children sit in the inner circle, listen to the teacher signal, parents and children start pinching the ball at the same time, put the pinching ball into the basket in the basket It is done within five minutes of the specification, and it is better to see who clip the ball.
    If Note:
    Thisy feet cannot exceed the bottom line of the fish pond; parents can not leave the seat, children can stand on operation, and the ball must be pinched into the basket.
    (2) Collective parent -child game: Tear noodles
    The purpose of activity:
    1. Experience the happy emotions in the parent -child activity of noodles, and enjoy the game with parents happily.
    2. Develop young muscle groups.
    3. Enhance the close relationship between parent -child.
    The activity preparation: one piece of white A4 paper per person, a marker.
    The activity process:
    1. Please observe the rectangular paper with parents and young children. Parents use the marking pen to draw lines on the paper to make the lines thin, long and more.
    2. Let the children tear off the marked pens and require that each line cannot be disconnected.
    3. Put the torn "noodles" on your desktop.
    4. See who has a large number of "noodles", and the "noodles" are thin and long.
    If attention: Parents must be completed by cooperation between parents and children, and parents cannot be completed.
    5. Organization before meals, parents leave the garden.
    In kindergarten mid -shift half -day activity plan 3
    . The purpose of the event: Through the half -day parent opening day activities, let parents understand the learning and living conditions of the kindergarten in the garden, enhance the interaction of the homeland, and achieve the co -education of the home.
    . Activity time: ___ Years ___ month ___ morning (8: 00-12: 00)
    3. Event focus:
    . Let parents understand through activities to understand Kindergarten's day of study and living in the garden.
    2. Strengthen the connection between homeland, enhance the communication between parents and teachers, and better understand the situation of young children.
    3. Provide an opportunity to enhance the relationship between children and parents through parent -child game activities.
    . Specific arrangements:
    8: 00-8: 15 Morning activities
    Activity name: Small animal sleeve circle
    Activity goals: Cultivate children's running ability, improve children's pairs Interest of sports.
    8:15 --- 8:30 Breakfast activity
    1. Preparation before meals: Let the children sing with the teacher with the teacher.
    2. Meal requirements: Keep quiet and desktop floor hygiene.
    9:00 --- 10:00 Montessori Activity
    The event goals: Cultivate children to earnestly complete each job, do work without disturbing others, and ask questions politely when they encounter difficulties.
    A activity requirements:
    (1) Walk: Keep quiet and not pushing people, go step by step at the heels
    (2) Receiving work:
    Get the working blanket
    10:00 ---- 10:30 Mathematics: the number within three
    10:30 --- 00 English activities
    11:00 --- 11 : 40 outdoor activities
    Outdoor game (1)
    game name: there is a wolf in the sheep
    game goals: cultivate children's strain ability.
    A game preparation: Children are familiar with children's rhymes "There is a wolf in the herd
    The game process: The whole class is gathered in a large circle, and the teacher and a child hold each other The young children who become circles have drilled in an orderly manner from the arch bridge, drilling while thinking about the rhymes. When the children's songs are finished, the teacher and the child who are the arch bridge caught a child as a big ash wolf. When you catch the lamb, the lamb should be squatted immediately, and the big gray wolf can't catch it. The teacher can ask other children to make arch bridges.
    game rules: young children must abide by the rules of the game, do not let go of the circle, and cannot run around after dispersing.
    Cupping of children's rhymes: There is a wolf in the flock. I do n’t know where to hide. Be careful about the lamb and the lamb, and the old wolf comes out and flee.
    Outdoor game (2)
    game name: old wolf and old wolf
    game target: listen to passwords
    game preparation: big gray wolf's headgear, you will say time.
    The game process: a teacher is a big wolf, a child is a bunny, the game starts the child asks the big gray wolf. When I heard that the little rabbit's house was immediately running, the big gray wolf went to catch the young children's performance show caught by the rabbit, and the game continued.
    game rules: Little rabbit walks behind the big gray wolf, not pushing others.
    Parent -child games (1)
    Gaming Name: 揪 Tail
    game target: children and parents actively participate in the game to achieve the interactive effect.
    Coufending: Children's big hands make a homemade tail.
    The game process: (1) Each family prepares a tail, sandwiched behind the child's ass, and divides the whole class into two groups, 12 people in each group. Parents hold children's games. (2) Two groups of family pairing and each other's tail of each other. Parents need to flexibly avoid the opponent's offense. They require children to scoop their tails. First of all, they will win to win the tail. The two groups of family pairing and updating the game.
    game summary: Teacher award won a small gift for each child.
    Make a small gift for the children who loses.
    Parent -child games (2)
    Gaming name: Little animal climb
    game goals: let children learn small animals climb and let parents and young children participate actively.
    A game preparation: 4 pieces of gymnastics pads, 4 flat wood
    The game process: the game is divided into four groups, the children climbed the gymnastics pads through the gymnastics pad through the balance wood, the father or mother was waiting for the child at the end, and then hugged The child ran back, first arrived, and the game then changed to other families.
    game knot: Teachers send small gifts to children. Encourage the child with a small gift per person.
    In kindergarten mid-shift half-day activity plan 4
    , one, 7:30-7: 50 Morning parents reception
    Organized children to conduct morning activities.
    two, 8: 00-8: 20 Do exercises
    The display of the kindergarten equipment.
    three, 8: 20-8: 40 Life activity
    This Teacher organized children to urinate and drink water, and Teacher Sun organized parents to sign in.
    four, 8: 40-9: 20 Knowledge Report
    1. Today, Teacher Wen wants to take the children to the zoo to travel, what should we pay attention to when we go out to travel? () Let's sing together u003CMutage> Bar!
    2. Let's go to Jinan in the first stop and sing children's rhymes u003Crap Jinan>! Listen, what's the sound, 呱, sing the first song to the frog, u003CHua toad>
    3. Where will the shadow? (Place with light) talk about the relationship between shadow and light (the position of light changes, the size of the shadow will change; the posture of the object changes, and the shape of the shadow will change) r)
    4. Baby tells the relationship between 10 and 9? (9 add 1 is 10, 10 removes 1 is 9; 10-9 to 1, 9 to 10 less 1) Talk about 10 big friends and children. What are the number of items in the home?
    5. Let's go to the zoo to see what kind of animals are there in the zoo, what kind of animals are the most beautiful tail, singing a song gold peacock.
    6. Wow! There is a large green area here. Spring is here. This is to give us spring. u003CNewspaper>
    7. The season of all things in spring is still sprouting ~ u003CYaner>.
    8. What is the sound of Chunyu, rusty, you can sing with your most wonderful singing voice, "Chunyu Shasha>.
    9. What is the sound of Chunyu, what is it like? u003CSpring Yu's Guitar>.
    10. After the spring rain, the air is so fresh. The little snails have climbed out. You become a little snail. Let's sing, u003CI am a happy little snail>. The sound of spring rain is rusty, what kind of sound is the rain in summer?
    11. Little snails also like fresh air, right, our children (JY135 early childhood education) are even more inseparable from the air. Who knows what the air is like? What is it? Ah?
    12. The children are talking about it, and the small planes are here to applaud for our children. Does the kid know which part of the plane is formed?
    13. Do you want to think about the plane like an airplane like the plane? Flying in the sky, if you also have a pair of wings, what do you want to do? u003CIf I can fly>
    14. In the story "Beautiful Bow", why did the mother not buy a bow with a bow? Meijia can not tie a bow) How can Meijia learn to tie the bow? (First of all, then one circle, cross the two ends, go from the middle, tighten it)
    15. Baby, ancient times, is in ancient times. Who has invented paper? (Cai Lun) What kind of paper have you seen? (Newspaper, wrinkles, corrugated paper, rice paper, bright light paper ...) What can be used for paper? ···) What are the advantages and disadvantages of paper? (Advantages: light, soft, recyclable, more environmentally friendly; disadvantages: water absorption, easily damaged)
    five, 9: 20-9: 30 Life activities living activities
    The teacher organized children to play finger games, and Teacher Sun organized children to urinate, wash hands, and drink water.
    6. 9: 30-10: 00 Parents 'Course, Parents' Association
    MP Parent's Main content is:
    . In terms of education: Parents need to cooperate with education recently. Essence
    2. Life: Meals, let children eat independently, and develop a good meal habit.
    3. Self -care ability: You must also wear and take off your own clothes at home.
    4. Remind parents to pay attention to their children's development and cultivation in mathematics.
    Seven, 10:00 leave the park
    Carnate half -day activity plan 5
    Teaching goals:
    1 Preliminary understanding of red and green colors
    2 can sing in singing The joy of singing in the jumping jump
    This preparation:
    The watermelon is dressed as a watermelon doll; 20 watermelon and apple breasts;
    The tape of the melody of only apple.
    This teaching process:
    (1) Show the watermelon doll and arouse the interest of the childcare
    1 Question: Who is here? Let's say hello to the watermelon doll Let ’s!
    What color is watermelon doll? What is it?
    let the child touch, hug, kiss watermelon doll n 2 Give the watermelon doll home
    The baby of the watermelon mother is gone, she is very anxious, please help the children,
    to help send the watermelon doll home!
    (2) the song performance "I am a big apple"
    1 The music sounds, and the teacher performed "I'm a Big Apple"
    2 2 Question: Who is here? What color is Apple? Post the melody of "I'm a Big Apple" melody and jump with the teacher's chest ornament. Activity plan related articles:
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