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  1. Article 1 In order to implement the market employment policy under the guidance of national policy, cultivate and develop the labor market, in accordance with the State Council's "Regulations on the Conversion of the All -Public Industrial Enterprise Conversion of Industrial Enterprises", the "Interim Regulations on Professional Introduction" and "Qinghai Province Labor Market Management Measures ", Combined with the actual situation of Xining City, formulated this regulation. Article 2 These regulations are applicable to intermediary service agencies, all employers (individuals) and job seekers in various labor markets in Xining. Article 3 The principles of openness, equality, and competition in the labor market shall not be subject to regional restrictions. Article 4 The labor market is a mechanism of selecting labor resources through the two -way selection of labor resources through the role of value and competitive laws. The intermediary service agency of the labor market, the city is the professional introduction center, and the county (district) as the professional introduction office. Article 5 The work of the labor market intermediary service agency must be carried out within the scope of national laws, strictly implement the labor and employment policy and policies, and select services for job seekers and employers (individuals) in both directions, and serve the development of socialist market economy. His responsibilities are:
    The implementation of national labor employment policies, standardized and managing labor intermediary activities, providing labor supply and demand information, conducting career introduction, conducting employment guidance and consulting, and organizing domestic and foreign labor exchanges. Article 6 The content of the services of the labor market intermediary service agency:
    1. Registration for job seekers, providing employment information, employment guidance, and introducing work units; Registration of employment, providing labor resources, recommended qualified workers, introducing temporary labor and guiding unit (individual) employment;
    . Apply for professional introduction, labor contract verification, endowment insurance card and other procedures;
    4. Exchange technical workers and go through procedures. Provide services for the rich employees, on -the -job employees, and unemployment insurance insurance;
    5. The personnel file for the unemployed employees and the request to require mobile personnel;
    6. Introduce family workers for urban residents;
    7 Provide requirements information for units engaged in vocational education and employment training, and recommend those who need training;
    8. Occupational skills testing and identification of job seekers; Provide employment information for rural labor force in the province, issue the "Migrant License" to introduce the work unit;
    10. Carry out labor policy and regulations, accept application for labor arbitration;
    11. Organize domestic and foreign labor exchanges;
    12. Other tasks given by the labor department. Article 7 The labor market intermediary service agency shall improve the rules and regulations, simplify work procedures, improve service methods, and provide thoughtful, convenient, comprehensive, and efficient services for employers (individuals) and job seekers. Article 8 The labor market intermediary service agencies shall formulate labor work information specifications, establish information networks, and use microcomputer management methods to collect, transmit, summarize, and handle the labor information. Article 9 The job employees seek various forms of employment and employment units (individuals) must implement the "supply and demand meeting, two -way choice" through the labor market. Article 10 The labor market intermediary service agency recommends the labor force to the employer (individual) and the employer to recruit labor force. Later, the principles of hobby youths, and then other employees ", and do a good job in urban and rural labor employment. Article 11 After reaching an employment agreement for job seekers and employees, they must go through employment procedures and sign labor contracts in the labor market intermediary service agency. If the employee is a married child, a family planning contract is also required. Article 12 When registering for job search, applying for job hunting shall hold the following valid documents:
    1. The youth accounting book (ID card), graduation certificate, pre -employment training certificate; The unit termination (dismissal) certificate, the hukou book (ID card);
    3. The urban idle labor holding account book (ID card);
    . Departure, retirees, retirement permits, household registration books (ID cards);
    6. Technical workers holding account book (ID card), work permit, technical level certificate;
    7. Certificate of labor holding ID cards and employment service departments above the countryside and the employment service departments above the county and the family planning certificate issued by the township (town) people's government and the street office where the permanent household registration is located; , Holding the certificate stipulated in the country. Article 13 When the employer (individual) recruit workers in the labor market, the following documents must be provided:
    1. The recruitment chapters of the whole people, collective enterprises, and public institutions;
    , "three capital" , The business license of townships, private enterprises, and individual industrial and commercial households;
    3. Urban residents recruit family waiters with their household registration books (ID cards);
    . ) Relying on business licenses (copies), legal person qualification certificates or attorney and local labor department certification.

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