What is good for Fu Guangdian in the Red Police 2, and the number of light edges than him ???

What is good to deal with the light edge group, and the number of light ridges with more than him ???
(the other party has a multi -function infantry vehicle cover, such as 30 light edges 10 multifunctional infantry cars)

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  1. At least you explain the basic point. You are in the defense side or the offensive side,

    30 light edges 10 multifunctional infantry car

    Land defense, compared to the advantages of the offensive stations (in the exercise),

    as defense, phantom light edges is a good choice. (There is no better than the ultra -space -time conversion soldiers (flying corpse). Flying directly into the enemy, the light edge comes with a refraction (beating yourself to pay attention to the version of the light edge and no accidental injury). On the transferred soldiers, the effect of blewed eggs with violent Ivin Ctrl is good.) Because the light edge and the infantry car FY were originally low, and they could also ask their troops to have less blood.

    or bombing bombs on the phantom to the same effect.

    friends upstairs said, Yuri infantry car, this is indeed good, but in this case Can be used for defense.

    If in the case of offensive, I have not believed that it has been killed,
    is not as good as infantry vehicles violent Ivin = effect atomic bomb self -corner, although the success rate may still be The same low. But in a word, as long as one or two enters the scope, it can give the enemy a crackdown. (This method will imagine when there is a super weapon (I was sent under the position). Someone used the consequences of dozens of atomic bombs from the corrupt vehicle and the middle of your troops?

    [Here, it is also said that Yuri infantry vehicle can control the enemy Tucker whether it can control the enemy. It is also a good way to deal with the infantry. The CTRL ground will release the magnetic field within a certain range. The mobile Iraqi radiation infantry. It is just the release of the magnetic field to the chariot,]
    haha, that time, the student was playing day and night. Now there are 2 years without playing that, I can’t help but see your post. Not much to say. Slowly discover
    . Finally, give you a small suggestion. Go more to study, dogs, converting soldiers, seals, soldiers, Yili, Ivin. Magic use,
    Who said that the dog can only bite the soldiers and cannot K tank, haha

  2. 1. Choose the Soviet Union, use 10 Kilov empty boats and 10 days to enlust tanks and 10 horror robots. First use the Kirov empty boat to explode the multi -functional infantry car. Since the Kirov empty boat will bombard the target, it can be taken to kill some Guangling, and the horror robot also sent 5 to harass each other. Use the Apocalypse Tank to surround the other party, and finally take the peace internally and outside, kill the enemy.
    2, directly use nuclear bomb or lightning storm to kill the opponent (the method is fast, but not thorough, you can add more attack power).
    3. Use the time -space converter to convert them to the sea or use the hidden curtain device to hidden Tianqi tanks one by one (these two methods are very time -consuming).

  3. If the Allied forces are against the Allies, the Grizzlies and Rocket Flying soldiers are used to defend the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies tank defense is strong. When they rush up, they first dry the multi -functional infantry vehicle, and then use the Rockets to fly ~
    ps: Grizzlies kill the multifunctional function After the infantry vehicle, fled, and then use the flying soldier to kill the light edge
    . If you are the Soviet Union, use the tank star -horror robot! Intersection
    (I am only a third -class faction in the red alert. This is my current summary technique.

  4. It's too simple, use the phantom tank, don't operate, he will automatically open the fire. If you force the phantom to be exposed, if he finds it, you will pull the welcome to retreat, and then stop waiting. Staring at your own team, as long as your phantom throw a few casually in all corners of the map, it is enough for him to be depressed. The best place is to ambush on the road he is going to pass, or on both sides of the bridge. When he drives to your doorstep, the whole army is almost overwhelmed.
    and my favorite is to throw it near the opponent's base to build a group with the fantasy.

  5. I think it is necessary to cooperate more! I use the Soviet Union to prepare 5-10 air defense tracks first! Each car must be equipped with 5 Yuri! Then it is called 10 to 20 days. By the way, your air defense tracked car must be as close as possible. When you fight, you will ask the air defense track to rush into his light angiopteo! When you rush to, let Yili go out! His light ridge is broken! And you may make several light edges!
    The method! This is only suitable for the "Red Police 2" without republic or Yuri! Using "Yuri Gai" to break his light edge! Yuri changed the method! Use spy to enter the Allied combat laboratory! Also need the Soviet combat laboratory! Youli changed! The control range of Yuri is 10 times the distance of ordinary Yuri!
    I am also a player who loves to play red police! We can discuss it!

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