2 thoughts on “How to add groups through the group number”

  1. The method of nailing the group is as follows:
    1. Open the nail with the mobile phone and enter the homepage.
    2. Slop the homepage screen down. A search icon will appear on the homepage, as shown in the figure.
    3, click the search icon, and select the group after entering.
    4. Enter the group number to be added in the search box. Select the network to find the open group and click to enter.
    5, the group to be added will be displayed. Click to add and wait for the administrator to agree.

  2. Search for search boxes to enter the nail homepage.
    In open the nails, first find the nail software in the mobile phone and click on, enter the nail homepage, there is a search box above the screen, click the search box, and enter the group number to find the group to join.
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