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  1. The process of stock trading is similar, no matter what the company is, just follow the following process.
    The stocks need to be opened first. If you open an account, you can find the counter of the business department of the securities company to handle it. The counter salesperson will help handle related matters. Now some bank counters that open Symptoms can also be represented by account opening.

    The specific process can refer to the following steps: If investors need to enter the market, they should open a securities account card in advance. Open the Shenzhen Securities Account Card and Shanghai Securities Account Card.

    (1) Apply for Shenzhen and Shanghai Securities Account Card

    In Shenzhen Securities Account Card Investors: You can handle it through the securities business department or securities registration agency of the location. The ID card and photocopy, who entrust others to handle it, must also provide an agent's ID card and photocopy.

    The legal person: holding business license (and photocopy), legal person attorney, legal representative certificate, and the identity card of the person.

    If securities investment funds and insurance companies: The account card is opened to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange directly.

    C account opening fee: personal 50 yuan/per account; agency 500 yuan/per account.

    The Shanghai Securities Account Card

    Investor: You can go to Shanghai Securities Central Committee to register and settlement company to open an account opening agency in various places to apply for the application for the application of securities accounts Valid ID and photocopy.

    The legal person: The original or photocopy of the copy of the legal person business license, or the original and photocopy of the legal person registration certificate issued by the civil affairs department and other competent authorities; Valid identity certificate and its copy.

    The entrustment of others to handle: The identity certificate and its copy of the agent must be provided, and the entrusted attorney of the client must be provided.

    C account opening fee: personal paper card 40 yuan, personal magnetic card local 40 yuan/per account, 70 yuan/per account in different places; agency 400 yuan/per account.

    (2) Account opening of the Securities Sales Department

    Plip to apply for Shenzhen and Shanghai Securities Account Card, and before buying and selling securities in the Securities Sales Department, it is necessary to first open an account in the Securities Business Department. The account opening is mainly at the business counter of the securities company's business department or designated bank account opening outlets before buying and selling securities.
    Chocks account opening procedures

    (1) Individual account opening must provide original and photocopy of ID cards, and the original and photocopy of the Shenzhen and Shanghai Securities account card.

    If an agent, it is necessary to sign the "Authorized Reception Book" with the client at the same time and provide the original and photocopy of the ID card of the agent.

    Ilval institutions account opening: the legal person's business license and photocopy shall be provided; the legal representative certificate; the original and photocopy of the securities account card; The unit is reserved. B -share account opening also needs to provide overseas business registration certificates and directors' certification documents

    (2) Fill in the account opening information and sign the "Securities Sales and Venture Contracts" with the Securities Sales Department (or the "Securities Commission Trading Agreement") At the same time, the "Designated Transaction Agreement" related to Shanghai City was signed.

    (3) The Securities Sales Department opens capital accounts for investors

    (4) Investors who need to open the business function of the securities business department, pay attention to check the Securities Sales Department Instructions for the use of such business functions.

  2. After opening an account for China Merchants Securities, download a stock trading software on the Software Download Section of China Merchants Securities website. Log in with the account opening account and set password for this online trading system, log in to your account, you can buy and sell in this account, you can buy and sell in this account. Out of stocks.

  3. If you open an account in China Merchants Securities and want to buy and sell stocks, you can press F12 on their trading aircraft on the venue, enter the capital account and password, and then perform the operation you want according to the text inside. Securities market software and online trading systems, and then you can perform the operation you want.

    If you want to buy the stock of 600999 China Merchants Securities, first find a broker to bring your own ID card and a bank card, open a stock account, and apply for the third party. Then save money in your bank card, transfer the money to the securities company's capital account through the brokerage trading system, and then you can buy 600999.

    This buying at least 100 shares to start, so pay attention to your own funds and stock prices.

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