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  1. According to "Guidelines for the Development of China Iron and Steel Industry Science and Technology Development from 2006 to 2020")
    ★ Overall target:
    metallurgy lime output fully meets the needs of steel production
    All metallurgical lime quality meets national specialty and first level Standard
    Malime deep processing product performance reaches international leading level
    ★ Substitutional target
    ☆ 2006
    -metallurgy lime output meets the steel industry needs
    Special -grade and first -level lime, the average activity increases to 340ml, eliminates the third -level product
    ☆ 2011 ☆ 2011 ☆ 2011
    -All lime meets the special grade, first -class standards, and meet the new needs of steel production
    - Thoroughly industrialized lime processing technology, reaching the world's leading level

    ★ Six main measures to accelerate the development of the lime industry:

    1 Accelerated the development of large -scale energy -saving and environmentally friendly lime and deep processing production lines.

    2 increased the "upper big level".

    3 is to protect the environment and reasonable site selection.

    4 is the comprehensive utilization of the resources of lime enterprises to reduce energy consumption.

    5 is a key lime user to establish a sense of social responsibility of large enterprises, consciously fulfill social responsibility, and will not be selected for lime produced by Tusheng Kiln enterprises.

    6 The role of the development industry association to strengthen industry management.

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