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  1. 1. The postcode of the Weifang Engineering Vocational College is 262500. The address of the school is located at No. 8979, Yunmen Shannan Road, Yunmen City, Qingzhou City, Shandong Province. , The distinctive national office of the National Affairs Office of the National Affairs Office.
    . Introduction to Weifang Vocational College of Engineering Vocational College of Engineering Vocational College originated in Peizhen Academy founded by the British Christian Church in 1881. It began to hold higher education in 1978. The booth was held in 1998. Engineering Vocational College is a full -time general higher -level college with more than 40 years of college school history and more than 20 years of higher vocational education running experience and distinctive characteristics. Since the establishment of the school, more than 80,000 talents have been trained, and a total of 200,000 talents have been trained in the society.
    The construction project for successful selection of high -quality vocational colleges in Shandong Province
    "Education General Satisfaction" index ranks 19th in all high vocational colleges in the country
    The national orientation training non -commissioned officer pilot college r r r r
    In 2013, the former General Staff of the People's Liberation Army and the Ministry of Education was identified as a piloted college of non -commissioned officers. Cultivation of characteristic schools
    In 2016 with excellent equation passed the Shandong Provincial Skills Talent Training Features Acceptance and Acceptance
    One of Shandong Province 29 high vocational colleges with single -recruitment pilots
    Evaluation of talent training work level of colleges and universities
    The pilot college in Shandong Modern Apprentice System
    The advance collective collective collective collective
    Chat college graduates of ordinary colleges and universities in Shandong Province
    INS Education Admissions Examination for Education Admissions Examination
    Cleward collective collective collective
    Weifang Civilization Campus
    R n Target positioning: internationalization, groupization, specialization
    service orientation: docking traditional advantage industries such as Weifang Machinery and Equipment, Automobile Manufacturing, Petrochemical Salization, Food Processing, etc., electronic information, intelligent equipment and other strategic emerging industries , Modern logistics, financial services and other modern service industries, aviation equipment, aviation transportation and other strategic emerging industries.
    The training target: featuring engineering majors, based on Weifang, facing the province and the whole country, cultivate high -quality technical and skill talents
    Professional development: cultivate high -quality technical skills talents, improve professional service industry capabilities r
    Teaching mode: The implementation of "SQC" is integrated educating people with one expertise (one specialty), two quality (professional quality and scientific and cultural quality), three capabilities (entrepreneurial ability, innovation ability, career planning ability) Model
    ◇ School running conditions
    The college has three campuses, covers a total area of ​​more than 1,500 acres, and a construction area of ​​nearly 324,000 square meters. 13,000 people. The total amount of fixed assets has reached nearly 630 million yuan, and more than 8,000 teaching instruments and equipment are nearly 110 million yuan. The data center has more than 40 network equipment and servers (sets). It has independently developed 10 professional training simulation resource libraries including construction engineering technology, food nutrition and testing, and built 10 key professional teaching resource libraries. Won 1 second prize of national teaching achievements and 17 provincial teaching achievements awards. There were 12 in -campus training centers and 145 experimental training rooms, with a total area of ​​nearly 77,000 square meters. There are 410 internship training bases outside the school, including 198 tight training bases. Investment of 250 million yuan has built 8 productive training centers including modern apprenticeship education and training center, Caterpillar Training Center, Shengshihong Great Food Engineering Training Center, and Weifang Preschool Education Training Center.
    The training base supported by the central government 2
    The "Caterpillar Training Center" in the Asia -Pacific region
    The largest and most complete "preschool education training center" in Shandong Province N Shandong Education Information Informatization Pilot Unit
    In consecutive national gas volleyball competitions
    ◇ Professional construction
    Coustically adhere to professional docking regional industries, reduce professional category coverage, highlight engineering categories, optimize texts Tube categories and stable education categories have improved the professional adjustment and optimization mechanism of moderate advancement and supporting transformation, forming a professional structure of "focusing on engineering majors as the core and adapting to regional industrial distribution forms", and a total of 50 general vocational majors are opened. Construct a professional group core course around the work field of core positions, and determine the content of the course in accordance with the work content involved in the core positions, forming a public platform that connects with each other, penetrate, and share the open "underlying sharing, middle -level separation, and high -level recruits. "Professional group curriculum system and overall design of the core curriculum group.
    The national orientation training 4
    The central financial support of key majors 2
    The brand professional groups in Shandong Province, 7 specialty majors, 10 key majors in skills and characteristic schools, 10 provincial high -quality provincial quality 4 first -class professional groups in higher vocational colleges, 4 modern apprenticeship pilot majors, "3 2" counterparts and segments to cultivate undergraduate pilot majors 2
    Weifang characteristic brands (key) majors (key) majors (key), economics and society Development urgently needs to build 5 key majors
    The boutique (characteristic) courses of Shandong Province
    The boutique resource sharing courses in Shandong Province 18 doors
    "Twelfth Five -Year Plan" National Vocational Education Planning Textbook 10
    Is Shandong Excellent Teaching Materials 6
    38 Shandong Teaching Reform Projects
    ◇ Teachers Team
    The college currently 673 faculty members, including 28 senior titles, deputy senior titles There are 280 people with a total of 280 people in the blog and master. Among the full -time teachers, there are 100%of the company's work experience or training experience.
    The academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Wen Bangchun is the honorary dean, Zhou Shining, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhuang Hongchun, an academician of the International Astronautics Academy of Sciences, and the famous program host of CCTV, and Liu Bao Xin 11 industry enterprise experts, including professional leaders
    3 of Shandong Province teaching teachers, 4 youth skills teachers, 7 outstanding teachers, 8 education scientific research experts, 8 members of the Vocational Education Professional Guidance Committee, 15 people in the key teaching reform project
    Is with 6 tips for professional and technical top -ups, 4 chief technicians
    7 provincial teaching teams, 1 provincial college Huangda Year -style teaching team, provincial -level famous teacher studio 4 One
    has won 1 national teaching achievement award, 17 provincial teaching achievement awards
    1 first prize of the national college youth teacher teaching competition; the first prize of the National Vocational College Information Teaching Competition 2 1 second prize, 1 third prize, 1 third prize; 3 first prizes, 9 second prizes, and 7 third prizes in the informatization teaching contest of Shandong Vocational College; Two first prizes, 2 second prizes, and 1 third prize; 7 second prizes in Shandong Vocational College Skills Competition (Teacher Competition) and 2 third prizes; Vocational Teacher Group) 1 second prize and 3 third prizes; 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 2 third prizes for young teachers teaching competition in Shandong Province; Five first prizes, 3 second prizes, and 6 third prizes in the competition; 1 first prize and 3 third prizes for young teachers multimedia teaching courseware competition in Shandong Province.

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