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  1. Hello! I am very happy to answer you. First, account positioning
    No matter what you do, you must do a good job before, that is, why do you want to achieve this and what effect. The same is true of operating WeChat public account. First of all, you need to consider the positioning, make the previous plan, determine the theme of WeChat, and take a name that meets the positioning of the enterprise. In principle, it is convenient to remember, and it is also convenient for people to search.

    . The establishment of the account

    WeChat public platform. There are currently two types of account numbers, which are service numbers and subscription numbers. The waiter provides enterprises and organizations with strong business services and user management capabilities to help enterprises quickly realize the new public account service platform; subscription number is to provide a new way of information dissemination to build a better way to build a new way of information dissemination and readers better. Communication and management model. According to the situation, choose to choose according to the situation.

    This application for the public account of the enterprise needs to provide corporate information and public account operator information. Enterprise information includes: corporate name, enterprise mailbox, corporate address, postcode and business license registration number, enterprise establishment date, business period, business scope, and business license copy scanning parts, registered capital and organization code.

    M information about the operator of the enterprise public account, including the name card name, ID number and ID card scanning, position, mobile phone number and authorization operation book of the operator. This authorized operation book can be downloaded on the application page, fill in the information according to the requirements, print it out, cover the official seal of the enterprise, and then use the scanner to scan or take a picture upload.

    A account registration is to log in to the official website of the WeChat public platform through the computer, click "Register" immediately in the upper right corner, and then fill in the basic information: register the mailbox, set up a public account login password, verify code, click I agree with me and agree Observing the "WeChat Public Platform Service Agreement", followed by email activation. After the activation, the user information level can be selected. You can choose organizations and individuals, including the government, media, enterprises and other organizations. Fill in the information prepared before, and then select the account type according to the situation of the enterprise. Finally, set the public account information.

    WeChat certification, certifying WeChat public account, giving people a sense of security, and also conducive to the ranking of WeChat in search, so it is recommended for certification. Today, WeChat enterprise certification has not supported Weibo auxiliary certification. It needs to pay 300 yuan certification fee and apply for WeChat certification. When authentication, you need to log in to the background for certification page. Application and signing the "WeChat Public Platform Certification Service Agreement". According to the situation, select the appropriate type, fill in the invoice of corporate business information, operator information, and basic information of the enterprise. If you need to issue a special VAT invoice, in addition to filling in the delivery address, you must also submit the "Tax Registration Certificate" and "Bank Account Certificate" to Tencent customer service. Then use mobile phone WeChat to scan, pay 300 yuan, generate orders, and then distribute the corresponding verification company for you. After a long time, customers will call you, check the information, and tell you that the next next time A step of. Then Tencent will give you a little money for the corporate accounts submitted to you, to open a channel for related information, to provide you with a screenshot of the corporate account of the company, submit the operator's ID card to the front and back of the operator, and wait for WeChat to verify.

    It, content operation
    WeChat operation focuses on the content, the content is king. When planning content, you need to analyze the goal group and the company's own situation, and what kind of content push is provided. There are a lot of this, which is to pay attention to the details of the editors, title, font size, picture traffic, typesetting of paragraphs, punctuation, typo, keyword reply, material collection, and so on. You must know that everyone's eyes are very sharp, and sometimes a typo has fans pointed out. If there are more words, fans will discount your intentions. When selecting the picture, try to choose a suitable mobile phone to watch, and clearly professional pictures. Pay attention to the typesetting. It is recommended to preview, modify it on the mobile phone, and then preview until the graphic is perfectly presented.
    This is recommended for push time at 8:00 in the morning, 12:00 noon, and 9:00 pm. It is best to push it 20 minutes in advance.
    . The promotion of account number
    The WeChat public account promotion, there are QR codes, WeChat signals, and brand names, mainly based on QR code promotion. The QR code can integrate offline and online. Offline promotion can be used as business cards, leaflets, product packaging, album albums, X display racks, DM orders, etc., such as magazines, high -speed rail, bus platform advertisements, etc. There are also on -site activities, such as promotional activities, anniversary celebrations, etc. Online promotion can promote QR codes such as Weibo, blogs, communities, space, corporate official website, forum, soft text, navigation promotion, mail promotion, QQ promotion, advertising, and WeChat groups.

    If fifth, fans interact, enhance viscosity
    On how to interact with fans? Through online and offline activities, for different groups, in different occasions, encourage customers to actively spread, and and and and of. Develop corresponding policies and plans. The activity is the most interacting with customers, because users can have a chance to obtain real benefits through this activity. The main micro -activity are: large turntables, coupons, scraping cards, smashing gold eggs, prize investigations, micro -invitation letters, etc. When planning activities, you must choose to be suitable for consumer people, and pay attention to the push time of the event. After the start of the event, personnel need to be arranged in real time to track the message. If you find any problems in this event, you can adjust it immediately.

    . The sixth, WeChat public account user management
    It can obtain many user detailed information through the WeChat public platform, which is convenient for the establishment of customer relationship management to prepare for continuous marketing and word -of -mouth marketing.
    This to enter the WeChat public platform user management. The left side of the user management page is the user classification. In addition to the default unsatisfactory, blacklist, star label group, and employee group of the system, you can also add a custom classification name by yourself. On the right is a list of user. There is a batch packet on the list. When the frame of the user is checked, multiple users can be imported into the selected group in batches. If you want to modify the user distribution separately, there is a adjustment button on the right of the username.
    The WeChat public platform can also achieve data collection and analysis. Through the curve map of the past 7 days displayed on the homepage, including changes in the number of subscribers and the number of information acceptance.

  2. First, use WeChat public accounts to do academic, pharmaceutical brands, opinions and other services
    The WeChat public account of pharmaceutical companies mainly has the functions of real -time communication, message sending, literature download, case sharing, and material management. Through WeChat channels, the brand can be promoted to the majority of doctors and patients, which not only reduces the cost of publicity and the acquisition cost of doctors, improves the efficiency of doctors' work learning, but also creates a new image of more influential pharmaceutical companies. At present, many brands have opened WeChat public accounts among pharmaceutical industry companies. Judging from the influence of operation and the influence of doctors, the effect is still evident.
    , the spread of the WeChat public account of the pharmaceutical company
    The graphic information pushed by the doctor, the doctor's sharing of graphic and employees' sharing of graphic messages. Pharmaceutical companies have released medical knowledge such as doctors and patients just needed: case sharing, case discussion, cutting -edge technology, literature acquisition, and how to deal with large and small diseases. Not just push a single medicine and brand information, so doctors and patients will not pay attention to it for a long time. It is necessary to do in -depth content and operate from the breadth of the media.
    , the public account of the WeChat company of pharmaceutical companies helps to create O2O

    In prescription medicines, standardized e -commerce is temporarily unable to achieve, but it can make O2O attempts. Pharmaceutical companies can pass online as online as online The next activity is paved, and the doctors who do not know each other online will participate in the meeting during offline activities. Regarding the drainage of patients to a cooperative hospital, you can also consider trying to explore in the future.
    , the circle of doctors' friends realizes precision marketing
    The circle of friends in WeChat is already a platform for many people to share life. There are also many colleagues and doctors in the circle of doctors. They have better stickiness, pay more attention to each other's information, are more accurate marketing, and they are more accurate to go to the WeChat public account of pharmaceutical companies. Doctors shared high -quality and recognized medical knowledge. This requires very high requirements. Through the reprint of doctors, it is easy to attract fans for the public account of the enterprise.

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