1 thought on “How can we make a group active and there are more people?”

  1. 1. At first, you can talk about it privately, and a single single to mobilize some people, so that some people are active first. Like a friend, what you want to say, joking with yourself. Not to mention serious things, there is nothing to send some interesting pictures or something interesting in the group, so that people in the group have something to talk about, and some people will turn off the group news, because it is troublesome, then let the shutdown be turned off. When people open, the news of receiving groups will be active in the group, mainly because everyone does not know, and naturally someone will chat after being familiar with.
    2. Organize some topics, some programs and materials sharing, everyone has a common topic. Pay attention to digging the active characters in the group; for those who do not bubble for a long time, you need to talk to them privately; see what is going on, as administrators, you must talk to the group when you have time, and find out what a good thing is. , I will share with you the first time; when the group is too quiet, there is nothing to find something; the group is active and not active depends on the administrator.
    4. To make everyone feel fresh, so that they can accept some new ideas, new information and new resources.
    5. As an administrator, you must have a heart of love, and all group members should be regarded as good friends from the heart. Whoever has difficulties or needs help, we must do my best to assist and support it. In this way, group members can have a sense of belonging and like this group.
    6. Outdoor and over -festival greetings in the group. If you have nothing to discuss related knowledge in the group, the talents in the group will rely on you and write more questions about interest.
    7. Think about it often, think about why group members like this group.
    8. Furthermore, more active iron people give some rewards for some gatherings, so that everyone can know and communicate more

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