3 thoughts on “Architectural environment and equipment engineering, HVAC professional problem.”

  1. ——The landlord left the Q number himself. Essence Essence
    In a few group numbers first, there are a lot of talents in it, and the accuracy rate of answering questions will be very high!
    The HVAC QQ group 47726306
    Dalian HVAC alliance QQ group 4290113
    Sichuan HVAC Forum QQ group 81398013
    Beijing HVAC Environmental Protection Union 111249228
    HVAC online-Tsinghua University 75825192

  2. If you want to learn to use it.
    basic courses such as fluid mechanics work heat and heat transfer and self -control should be taken well.
    It to become familiar with hot and cold source technology, the latest energy -saving technology.
    It if you have a chance, it is best to go to the design institute for internship. Understand the work content of the early stage to the construction of all stages, as well as the cooperation between HVAC and other mechanical and electrical majors.

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