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  1. In the future, the top ten industries with the most promising future

    In economic expert analysis and prediction, the most promising industries in the Chinese market in the future are 10:

    1  Durable consumer goods sales industry Essence With the steady rise of national income, the future consumption pattern will definitely develop towards diversified. Consumers' consumption of products such as cameras, computers, television, VCDs and other products will increase at a rate of 10 % per year. The sales of these products require a large number of people.

    2 r The home automobile industry. The development of the domestic automobile market will develop rapidly. A large number of employment opportunities such as car accessories, maintenance, and automobiles related to the automotive industry will also provide a lot of employment opportunities.

    3 indoor decoration industry. As the state introduced a series of housing reform measures, personal buying a house is already a general trend, so the interior decoration market will become hotter. According to statistics, the current expenses paid by urban residents for the decoration of their houses are about 20,000 yuan per household.

    4 r The real estate industry. There will be no units to divide the house for employees for free, so it is not difficult to explain the development prospects of this industry. Real estate brokerage, consulting, and property supply business are also promising.

    5 r Post and telecommunications industry. At present, China ’s phone installation is only 4 %, and less than 10 % of the world average. It is foreseeable that this is one of the largest business in China in the future.

    6 r fast food industry. The office workers of modern Chinese cities are a big market for the fast food industry. This is also related to fast food, semi -finished product processing and other industries.

    7 r "Silver" industry. It is expected that at the end of the "Ninth Five -Year Plan" plan, the elderly population in our country will reach 130 million, and China will gradually enter the aging society. Therefore, the elderly have broad employment space for food, medicine, clothing, glasses, hearing aids, etc.

    8 r Tourism and leisure culture. With the improvement of people's living standards, everyone has more opportunities to travel and conduct sports and leisure activities. Sports product production, travel agencies and other industries will be prosperous.

    9 r women's supplies industry. "Women's money is best to make." "Beauty" is the dream of every woman, so this industry will never decline.

    10 Insurance industry. With the reform of the welfare system, in the future, people will understand that they can only "spend a small money to keep a lot of money." The prosperity of the insurance industry is unquestionable. Many overseas large insurance companies' intervention in the Chinese market will make the insurance industry better develop towards standardized development. It can predict that the insurance industry will become one of the best choices for many young people in the future.

  2. People are afraid that entering the wrong line is a life -threatening area that every adult is worried about. After all, choosing a bad industry will not only consume your time, but also have a great impact on your life and life; and wait until you wake up. It is very difficult to switch again. Therefore, many people want to choose a good industry before they enter the society to achieve their lifelong career.
    1 is the Internet industry, including online advertising, IT, e -commerce, etc. The country's mobile network development and policy planning support has created a good prospect for this industry. Among them, big data and artificial intelligence are very optimistic; r are very optimistic;
    The second is the new energy industry. The country has corresponding policy support every year. The development and utilization of new energy is also a key project for the development of new energy in the future. It is a national institution. As a "iron rice bowl", the benefits are good and the work is guaranteed. Therefore, it is favored by college students;
    is the education and training industry. More and more people value the power of education and knowledge. Has attracted much attention, which has also made the education and training market develop more vigorously;
    is the biotechnology industry to treat diseases, save lives, and improve life. Biotechnology is not only an industry that is urgently needed by the country, but also strict monitoring. industry. However, talents in this industry have high salaries and strength, and have contributed to the country and world life;
    Is are the cooking industry. West -point and western food are the "good hearts" of diners. With the development of my country's towns, catering has blossomed every corner. Chefs with technology and management not only have high salary, but also have more room for promotion;
    are the financial industries. After 2010, the financial industry has accelerated. Some columns and industries derived from this will continue to rise. The talents are also relatively scarce at present;
    are the new energy industry. With the establishment and upgrading of human spiritual civilization, global environmental pollution and climate change issues have been well known. Various countries also hope to vigorously develop new energy sources to reduce pollution problems. Essence Therefore, the talents of this industry are also very scarce and the future prospects are also very broad;
    is the favorite of young people who are pursuing quality. Some industry experts predict that the smart home industry in 2020 may break through 1.1 trillion, and its The market prospect is obvious;
    This is the tourism industry. The per capita living standards of my country have continued to improve, and the enthusiasm for tourism has become higher and rising. This is undoubtedly an opportunity for the domestic tourism market.
    For those who have no technology and have no education, learning cooking is undoubtedly a good choice. After all, the industry has a broad prospect. Nowadays, vocational and technical schools are not only enhanced your technology, but also can solve your academic qualifications and help you successfully create employment. The gospel of friends who have no education or technology!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the 10 most promising industries in the next ten years: 1. Vegetable planting: Vegetable planting is different from grain and fruits. Vegetables are necessities of life. Vegetables are more common than meat. There are too many constraints in technology, there are many uncontrollable factors, and the quality requirements for personnel are relatively high. 2. Featured catering: The specialty foods that are good and low -cost can be developed prospective. Simply open a shop to worry about food and clothing. People with dreams can copy and do chain. 3. Leisure food: The advantage of characteristic casual food is high frequency and low consumption, which is in line with the development trend of the food industry. With the development of short videos and e -commerce, leisure foods have greatly surpassed regional restrictions and have broad development prospects. 4. Pension industry: With the aging of the country, the silver -haired consumer market is getting bigger and bigger, and there are many related industries, such as housekeeping, home care, elderly specialty products, elderly clothing, nursing homes, elderly care products, etc. The industry is worth doing. 5. Health industry: Especially Chinese medicine health has won people's hearts, and business in the Physical Therapy Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine across the country is hot. 6. Confinement center: The new confinement nursing center is not only confinement care, but also fitness places such as yoga swimming, as well as one -stop services such as weight loss and beauty. The confinement center can be large or small according to the urban consumption level, suitable for Bao Ma to start a business. 7. Cold chain storage: In the centralized residential area of ​​large residents, the cold chain warehousing is essential. He can not only be used for food preservation of food, mainly batch purchase, reducing transportation costs, and truly low price. 8. Quality education: Investment in children's education is the most not hesitant, such as calligraphy, music, art, and physical training. 9. Battery rental stations: With the development of battery cars and electric vehicles, the shortcomings of battery cars with long charging time and short battery life restrict the development of electric vehicles. In the future, the charging leasing business of the battery will continue to develop for a long time. The business model of the rental station replacing the battery is similar to that of the liquefied gas mode and the liquefied gas station. Member -based sales, no backlog of funds, and stable business growth. 10. Property company: In the future, property companies are no longer a company that will only charge property fees, but a comprehensive service company that is closely linked to the owners, including waste recycling, house maintenance, furniture installation and maintenance, electrical installation, electrical installation Maintenance services, etc., have great potential in the market. It is suitable for residents with expertise to do it. It can be part -time or full -time.

  4. 1. Internet service industry: With the rapid development of the Internet, the important procedures of major enterprises' awareness of online marketing have continued to improve, and the employment prospects of online marketing engineers is good. The change of the Internet to the entire Chinese economic model has affected all aspects of society. The Internet has changed greatly, and this change continues. Network advertising, search engines, e -commerce, network payment and other businesses have gradually been accepted. The major Internet companies infiltrate these aspects from their respective core fields to form orderly competition and drive the healthy development of the Internet industry.
    2, the financial industry: The financial industry is a traditional industry. At the same time, it is also a development industry in my country, which is closely related to our lives. First of all, owners of all sectors of society need financial communication. Regardless of long -term or short -term capital demand, regardless of domestic or overseas cash demand, regardless of the current or long -term capital needs, the financial industry can meet these needs Essence And with the opening of China's financial industry, the entry of foreign banks, the reform of domestic financial mechanisms, private financial institutions and insurance institutions will also increase, and the financial industry has a good development prospect in my country. The "world" of futures is changing, and the "rivers and lakes" of futures will also change, and the talents needed for "rivers and lakes" will change. The requirements and attraction of talents in the financial futures era have begun to amplify sharply. Recently, large -scale recruitment of soldiers to buy horses in futures companies is an example. In order to prepare new futures business, the futures company has planned ahead, and has launched the battle to recruit talents, reserve talents, and cultivate talents. It can be said that the talent and development strategy of futures companies are changing significantly.
    3, agriculture: China is a big agricultural country in the world, and it is also a country with relatively backward agriculture. In recent years, the lagging of China's agricultural development has also attracted positive attention from the country, and has invested more support for farmers' policies, funds and technology.

  5. You can learn the chef. The chef is one of the well -known prospects. Some people have food and food. With the improvement of people's living standards, everyone's requirements for eating, wearing, living, and use are getting higher and higher. More and more people go out of the house and enter the hotel or restaurant. The enduring industry.
    has no age restrictions to learn chefs. It is relatively simple to learn. As long as you are willing to learn and learn with your heart, there are more and more people who choose to learn chefs in junior high school graduates.
    No matter which city, hotels, restaurants, and hot pot restaurants can be seen everywhere, the business is quite hot. With the improvement of people's living standards, the development prospects of the catering industry are bright, coupled with the high advantages of the catering industry's high profits, the turnover of funds, and flexible investment, etc., it has become a choice of entrepreneurship for many people. If you want to learn technology, you still need to choose according to the actual situation of your children. You can see what industry your child likes and what industry is good at children, so that children can have confidence and are willing to learn. For example, there are welders, chefs.

    15 is relatively small in age, and it is still very good to learn a technology. It is recommended that you can learn about car -related majors. Now more and more cars, the number of car ownership is increasing The technical employment prospects are broad.

    It is now like new energy vehicles, automobile intelligent network connectivity, car maintenance testing, car marketing and business majors very good. If you are a girl, you can learn the professional urban rail transit. If you are interested, you can learn about it

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