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  1. Food Packaging is part of food products. One of the main projects in the food industry. It protects food and allows food to prevent the damage of biological, chemical, and physical factors during the circulation process of leaving the factory to consumers. It can also have the function of maintaining the stability of food itself. It is also the first manifestation of the appearance of food, attracting consumption, and the value other than material cost. Therefore, the food packaging process is also an indispensable part of the food manufacturing system project. But the universality of the food packaging process makes it a relatively independent self -system.

    The process of using plastic packaging food products mainly includes four industrial industries: the first industry refers to the production of plastic resin and film. The second industry is the processing industry of flexible and rigid packaging materials. The third industry is the packaging mechanized production industry, and the fourth industry is the food processing industry. In the first industry, it was used in the use of oil, coal, and natural gas to synthesize a low -molecular compound of aggregation, and then aggregated into various resin. This is processed into a single or multi -level composite film for food processing plants for food.

    2 Basic classification edit
    The food packaging can be divided into metal, glass, paper, plastic, composite materials, etc. according to packaging materials. The rolls, boxes, boxes, etc. can be divided into tanks, bottles, packaging, bags, bags, wraps, and irrigation, sealing, labeling, coding, etc.; Second -level packaging, third -level packaging ... outer packaging, etc.

    The due requirements for food safety and higher requirements, some countries have strengthened the management of food packaging. From the implementation of nutritional standards and regulations, indirect additives, etc. to promote degradable packaging, electronic scanning bars code, etc., they are all promoting new development of food packaging.

    The food packaging classification method.如按技法分为:防潮包装、防水包装、防霉包装、保鲜包装、速冻包装、透气包装、微波杀菌包装、无菌包装、充气包装、真空包装、脱氧包装、泡罩包装、贴体包装、 Stretch packaging, cooking bag packaging, etc. The above -mentioned various packaging is made of different composite materials. Its packaging characteristics correspond to the requirements of different foods and can effectively protect the quality of food.

    3 Main functional editing
    Stin food packaging is part of food products. Food packaging and food packaging boxes protect the food, so that during the circulation process of leaving the factory to consumers, the food to prevent the damage of biological, chemical, and physical factors. It can also have the function of maintaining the stability of the food itself. It The convenience of food food is the first manifestation of the appearance of food, attracting consumption, and the value other than material cost. The Chinese printing cloud platform provides a one -stop online solution for food packaging design to food packaging printing, and combines different product requirements to provide economy, hygiene, and fast food packaging printing solutions.

    The companies need to print decorative patterns, patterns or texts on the packaging to make the product more attractive or more explanatory. Good packaging can make products establish a high -quality image, improve product competitiveness, and promote product sales. Can effectively increase the publicity of enterprises and increase corporate influence.

    If foods have always preferred, and food packaging is more important.

    1. The preservation period of protecting food and extended food
    (1) The appearance quality of the food to protect the quality of the food has generated a certain amount of economic benefits
    The food throughout the circulation process, it must be carried out, loading, unloading, transportation, and storage, which can easily cause food appearance For quality damage, after the food is packed in the inner and outer packaging, the food can be well protected, so as not to cause damage.
    (2) Protect the original quality of food, extend the preservation period of food
    The quality of food will change and bad during the entire circulation process.
    The food itself has certain nutrients and moisture. This is the basic conditions for production and reproduction of bacteria, mold, yeast, and yeast. When the temperature of food preservation is suitable for them to reproduce, food corruption will deteriorate. If food is sterilized or packaged for high temperature sterilization, refrigeration, etc., it will prevent food corruption and extend the preservation period of food.
    At the same time, the food itself has certain water. When the content of these moisture changes, it will cause changes or damage to the food flavor. If the corresponding moisture -proof packaging technology can be used to prevent the occurrence of the above phenomenon, it also effectively extends the preservation period of food.
    It again, when food is circulating, when it is directly illuminated by sunlight and light, and at high temperature, foods are easily oxidized. Change color change, taste change and other phenomena, such as the corresponding vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging and other technologies and corresponding packaging materials. It can also effectively extend the preservation period of packaging food.
    2 Packaging Food is convenient for circulation
    The packaging is a container for food circulation. Such as bottled wine, beverages, canned food, milk powder, etc., these packaging bottles, cans and bags are both packaging containers. It is also a moisture for food circulation and sales. It brings great convenience to food circulation
    3. Increase the convenience of food varieties, convenient for consumers to facilitate food, and have local flavors. It can only be circulated after packaging. Let the famous foods in various places communicate and increase people's daily food types.
    It again, fresh food, such as frozen dumplings, packaging and preservation technology, can facilitate people's consumption
    4. To prevent the convenience of cooking foods for food pollution, special packaging technology
    If foods should be in contact with containers when circulating, which can easily contaminate food. After packaging It is conducive to consumers' physical health.
    5. Promote the rationality and planning of food circulation
    Per fresh food, which is easy to spoil and deteriorates, and it is not easy to transport distant transportation, such as fruits and aquatic products. Costs can promote the rationality and planning of food circulation.
    6. Promote the competition of food, and promote the sales of food

    4 Technical requirements Edit
    Is that are only detected standards for corrugated cartons, and the requirements of the logo have not found relevant standards, which are generally agreed by supply and demand. The product or company related information and specifications are noted, such as product names, specifications, processing manufacturers, agent manufacturers, corporate publicity information, production date, QS number, exports, quarantine signs, and quality supervision departments required. The transportation and storage of corrugated carton should be avoided by rain, exposure, tide and pollution, and indicate these. The content is accurate.

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