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  1. 1. Xu Ji Seafood. Xu Ji Seafood began in 1999. The founder is seafood suppliers. It is known that only fresh seafood can cook the ultimate deliciousness. After years of accumulation, Xu Ji Seafood has been procurement, dishes combination, and taste research and development. The dining environment and the standardization of services form a unique advantage.
    2, 57 ℃ Hunan
    2010, the company's stock was changed to establish Changsha 57 ℃ Xiangxiang Catering Management Co., Ltd., which belonged to the door of the new company. In 2011, Changsha's 57 -degree Hunan -adjusted development strategy, walking out of Hunan, 57 -degree Xiangxiang iron board burning and my love fish head entered the Shanghai development market. Fifty -seven Direct Hunan participated in the "Sixth Pavilion" catering brand outside the province. As a new force for chain catering, it has spread more than 10 provinces and cities and has more than 50 stores.
    3, small fried yellow beef in the era of smoke
    The old -fashioned catering of 19 years, the main dish is -the cooking smoke small fried yellow beef, this restaurant, which nourishes a generation of taste buds, this smoke of cooked crickets is even more It is called "the rare first -class Hunan cuisine at home" by the majority of customers "
    4, Yang Yuxing
    has been founded for more than a hundred years. The founder Yang Xintian was named Yang Yuxing as Tuli. Its store began to operate rice noodles. In 1937, his son Yang Jucun was the owner of it. He set up foods such as soup noodles, braised savory, steamed dumplings, etc., especially the city's noodles, becoming a famous noodle restaurant in the province. Yang Yuxing's noodle restaurant has unique ingredients and fine workmanship. The shop was the first handmade egg noodle, evenly soft and delicious, and it was made of more than 10 procedures. Whenever the customer tasted, it would be praised, which is often known as "the immortal is not under the knife." Of course, in terms of oil code configuration, the store uses superior freshness, dried original accessories, fine oil code, and colorful. Especially the flavor of the noodle noodle oil code is unique. Regardless of the people who are familiar with life, they are full of quality and good quality.

    5, the mandala chopped pepper fish head
    This restaurant is a new upstart of Changsha Catering. One year after opening, there are countless awards, with a large number of loyal food fans. The chopped fish head of the restaurant is known for "big".
    personally thinks that eating fish heads must eat big fish heads. After all, the fish head is large, the tender meat is large, the bigger the fish head, the more delicious n

  2. Tea Yanyue must have names! This fire is all over the country but can only be drunk in Changsha! There are also text and friendly tofu! These are the famous catering chain brands in Changsha!

  3. Changsha has these famous catering chain brands. For example, Xuji Seafood and Smoke Smoke's Small Stir -fried Cand beef, etc. These are local characteristics. The taste is extremely delicious.

  4. Yang Yuxing, Yang Yuxing founded in the 20th year of Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, has a history of 118 years. Its main business surface and powder are used to make the soup powder upper and delicious. The taste is delicious and loved by customers.

  5. The famous catering chain brand in Changsha includes fire palace, Wenhe Friends Lobster Museum, Yutou East, Yang Yuxing, Xin Changfu, Xuji Seafood, Peng Kitchen, Xiangxiang, Black and White TV, Changsha, Jiangnan Commune.

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