How is the recent Tibetan mining industry? Tibetan mining stocks bar, flowers and flowers? When will Tibet Mining in 2021 divide the stock distribution?

1 thought on “How is the recent Tibetan mining industry? Tibetan mining stocks bar, flowers and flowers? When will Tibet Mining in 2021 divide the stock distribution?”

  1. The prices of copper and aluminum have reached a new high in the first half of 2021. Among them, the price of aluminum futures can be described as a new high in the past ten years. The non -ferrous metal sector has also developed towards a strong trend, which has won the favor of many investors. Then let's talk about the following time, a stock with a strong trend in the sector-Tibet Mining.

    Is to introduce the mining industry of Tibet, the school sister here will share with you a list of leading stocks about the non -ferrous metal industry. n. From the perspective of the company,

    The company introduction: Tibet mining is mainly developed by a Tibetan state -owned mining industry or the first listed company, including these business chromium iron ore, lithium lithium, lithium ore, lithium ore, lithium ore, lithium ore, lithium ore, lithium ore, lithium ore, lithium ore The mining, processing and sales and trade businesses of ore, copper ore, and boron mines are extended to the development of lithium resources in the development of lithium resources.

    Is after knowing the Tibetan mining industry, let's take a look at what investment advantages the company has? Is it worth our investment?

    In highlights: Handling resources and technical advantages

    I. as a first -class enterprise in the Tibet Autonomous Region, the biggest highlight of Tibet mining is the development and reserves of regional mineral product resources. Mineral resources, such as chromium, lithium, copper, are very sufficient.

    The company has been engaged in development and management for so many years. With these rich experience, in terms of chromium iron ore and lithium resources, the company uses unique mining technology that is compatible with resources to There are no toxic and harmful three wastes, and no impurities ions are not introduced, which will not have a negative impact on salt lake.

    . In terms of cost, relying on technological advantages, Zabeya Salt Lake developed 20%lower than other domestic salt lake development costs, less than 50%-70%of the extraction price of lithium ore, and the cost is much less.

    In highlights: It has monopoly advantages

    The largest comprehensive mining company in Tibet's mining industry. Slow development has formed three pillar industries with chromium, copper, lithium mining and processing, and sales, and boron mines, and then supplemented by multi -mine mining and other multi -mineral mining models.

    I., as the largest comprehensive mineral company in Tibet, it has the right to specialize in resource mining and franchise, which is equivalent to monopolizing the entire industry.

    In highlights: It has rich lithium resources

    The world's third largest, Asian largest lithium ore salt lake Tibetan salt lake is the only mining of Tibet What you have, the currently proven lithium reserves reached 1.841 million tons, which is a comprehensive large -scale salt lake bed with lithium, boron, potassium solid, liquid. Kama Salt Lake, including lithium products, ranks second in the world, has better resources than the world's similar salt lakes.

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    . From the perspective of the industry

    Ding the relevant policies of carbon emissions, it will bring a significant benefit effect on both ends of the non -ferrous metal supply and demand. In the past, the situation of overcapacity of non -ferrous metals will gradually decrease and usher in a new development pattern.

    . For terminal new energy vehicles, its market share is constantly rising, and the battery installed capacity will be driven and the demand for lithium ore raw materials will also expand. So about the future trend of Tibet Mining, I think it will rise to a new height.

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    The Answee time: 2021-10-09, the latest business changes are based on the data displayed in the link in the text, please click to view

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