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I just entered a company that did a security monitoring project. I hadn't contacted before and didn't understand anything. I wanted to find a group of security monitoring. Most people would answer questions. Don't speak or feel that your own population is not necessary. Thank you all here, thank you all

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  1. China Security Network Professional Security Monitoring Installation Quotation QQ plus group: 178 50 plus 32 14 (IT joint channel)

  2. To put it plainly, monitoring is simpler than weak electricity, and the general video cable is pulled well. The location of the camera is fixed, the power supply is well connected, the collection card is installed, and it is OK.
    is high -level.

  3. When you ask too basic questions ...

    It really can't blame the master who ignores you ...

    What is the power line BNC head matrix light -end machine gate? What is the hemisphere? It is recommended to look at the information first

    There are many groups in monitoring or intelligence.

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