What is the essence of a single group in WeChat? Is the quality of the product credible? What is the purpose of the merchant?

1 thought on “What is the essence of a single group in WeChat? Is the quality of the product credible? What is the purpose of the merchant?”

  1. There are true or false, the single -free fisher in WeChat is mixed. It is true if some merchants engage in activities, because Taobao merchants will give these people a promotional effect, and they can draw more people to browse.
    The group owners who are free of order will have a certain number of free places, but this place is very small. Many people do not exempt the bill. The exemption is just a method of publicity.
    This group -free groups are some fake, but just lie to you to open the links they send to achieve the effects of browsing and promotion they want. These free orders are generally lingering. Essence
    This -free groups are generally invited to create in order to increase the popularity of the store.
    In WeChat groups, people who often see those who do not have a single -group advertisement. When talking about advertising, the sky is messy, which is really exciting. In fact, many people chose to join the free group because they saw such an advertisement. However, they eventually disappointed because after joining for a while, they found that those so -called free are just a promotional gimmick.
    only the first order after entering the group is free. All the products are paid later, not much cheap. Therefore, these free groups are sold by some people to sell products, unless they open the store by themselves, and then they will not be free of charge, even if they are free, they will only exist because of quality products and free advertisements.
    has the most popular routine since ancient times. When this action is done well, the mind is easy to master. Because the art and charm of language are incredible, as long as it is appropriate, it is not difficult to succeed. Just like those who do not have a single group, as long as you know the consumer's psychology, then it will succeed when selling goods.

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