5 thoughts on “What is the prospect of the animation industry?”

  1. I personally think that animation design is very promising. Today's Chinese animation industry is booming, and the needs of excellent animation design talents are great. The employment prospects are also very good. The design ability can also make a difference in the advertising design industry.

  2. The current anime is an emerging industry. The market prospects in China are very good. The most important thing is that China's new generation has been greatly affected by Japan's anime. The market around the animation is only described as one word: good. But it is not so smooth to mix in this line. The most important thing is China's national conditions. China has been affected by traditional education, and it is difficult to open the market in animation. After all, the world's anime takes one step than the anime of China, and the new generation of thought has long has its own aesthetics of anime. It is recommended that you do a market survey and consider the industry without anime.

  3. The animation game industry is an emerging cultural industry with huge development potential and a very broad employment prospect. After graduation, you can be an animator, graphic designer, artist, Taobao art, UI designer and other work.
    The anime industry in China is still in the stage of development, and its development potential is very great, so the employment prospects of animation majors are very good. According to the survey of young people's favorite anime works, Japanese animation accounts for 60%, European and American animations account for 29%, and the proportion of original animation in Mainland China and Hong Kong and Taiwan is only 11%. Therefore, my country urgently needs to vigorously develop its own animation industry. Anime professionals with innovative thinking consciousness are talented talents in the society.
    The anime industry has broad development prospects and huge markets. Therefore, a large number of animation companies came into being, but there are very few talents in animation. Therefore, the animation industry has developed slowly. At present, senior anime teachers have become sought -after professional talents. The Chinese animation industry has a huge market of 100 billion yuan, and the derivative product market space of animation products is even greater. Therefore, the future employment prospects of learning animation majors will still be very good.

  4. At present, there are more and more audiences in the country, and the continuous output of high -quality products such as Guoman and the continuous output of high -quality products such as Riman Mi Man have also reflected the vigorous development of the animation industry. From the data point of view The total output value of the industry exceeds 150 billion yuan, and the online content market size is nearly 15 billion yuan. The number of users has also increased significantly. The number of pan -secondary users is nearly 350 million, and the number of online animation users has reached 219 million. It can be seen that there is no shortage of user groups to start drilling shops. Anime stores not only have novel and practical anime peripheral products, but also have fashionable and personalized anime DIY creative production. Anime Cosplay Photography Photography and exquisite anime clothing props. These are the young people now. The most favored and pursuit

  5. At present, China's animation game industry is in a booming stage, and the demand for professional talents in animation games is extremely high. The talents who graduate every year are just a lot of money for such a huge market demand. According to statistics from authoritative agencies, the national anime game talent gap is as high as one million, and the monthly salary of creative and technical animation game talents is still difficult to find.

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