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  1. The consolidation of the storage industry has great potential.
    221, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs will organize the new work under the housekeeping service, which ushered in the "spring" of this industry. Public data shows that over 40 % of the industry's annual income exceeds 10,000 yuan, and the demand for occupational positions in the next two years is nearly 20,000, and the growth momentum is strong.
    If according to the "White Paper in China for 22 years", the number of people who have received professional organizers in my country are currently more than 7 people, and more than 22 new professional organizers in the country in 219-22. Although the number of people is not large in terms of quantity, the market potential is a blue ocean.
    If in the cities in the top 1 of the revenue of the storage organizer, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Beijing are among the best.

  2. The industry's industry is still good as a whole. Although it is relatively small, it is still more popular.
    The storage artist is a relatively niche industry. In recent years, it has become more and more popular in online shopping, live broadcasts, etc. Many people like to buy things. Some people are busy, or they are lazy and don't want to organize, but they want to clean up them, so they have the industry in the storage artist.
    The storage artist is different from ordinary housekeeping. Housekeeping is generally related to cleaning, and the storage artist is mainly responsible for finishing, and the storage artist is very particular about it. It also needs a certain technical content. Generally speaking, before finishing the storage, the customer's preferences need to be understood before they can be organized according to their preferences. Under normal circumstances, each storage division must be officially served after training, because the requirements of the work itself are relatively high.

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