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  1. Because of the special, the WeChat group is relatively closed and the effectiveness is short, it will generally fail in seven days, so it is like a search engine, or the Douban Sogou can only search for a few can be used. I found that many people wrote an article that was not right, and many methods were out of date. A bunch of people still wrote there.
    In the effective way of finding some personally practicing groups here. You can get a large number of WeChat groups every day for a while.
    1, Baidu Tieba finds
    It believes most people know the platform of Baidu Tieba. The number of users is huge and very active. There are a lot of WeChat group QR codes that can be based on their own industry. Search for the name of the bar, and then look for the communication group in the bar. The group found this method is more accurate.
    2, QQ group
    QQ group has the advantage that WeChat does not have. He can directly search for various industries, which is much more accurate than searching for searching in a website or various WeChat, and can be confused inside. Then ask if there is a WeChat group, you can let the group owner be pulled into the group. When adding the group, choose a QQ number with a longer registration time when adding the group, and do not add too much a day to control it within 10.
    3, group code website
    can also add groups through the website. Many people go to the world to find QR codes in order to save time and effort, and develop reptiles. Then you can search and add directly on the website. This advantage is that there are more QR codes, and they are all latest updates. The timeliness is also better. If you have a computer, you can use your mobile phone to follow the public account. If you are willing to type, you can copy the public account of the same name.
    4. Find local merchant groups
    The local merchants will build their own WeChat groups, such as fruit shops, fast food shops, fresh shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, etc. They generally put group QR codes in the store. Fruit shops, fresh shops, and convenience stores are generally placed in the cashier. Catering shops and fast food restaurants generally have table stickers. Supermarkets are generally placed on the service desk. You can arrange a few employees, or hire a few part -time jobs, and sweep the local merchants around a few kilometers around, and you can easily add hundreds of hundreds of groups. If your store business covers the whole city, you can even sweep the local merchants in the city again, and add about 1,000 WeChat groups. Moreover, these groups are very accurate peripheral users or local users, which are your potential users.
    5, WeChat switching
    When your WeChat group has a certain number, you can exchange WeChat groups in the same industry with others. This generally can exchange dozens of people and slowly become indexes. Growth, of course, you should also pay attention to the rules of WeChat when using. If you do n’t understand, you can read another article. Be sure not to violate the rules. If you have conditions, you can open the company's WeChat. Prepare several WeChat signals, and before adding a large number of groups, we must do a good job of raising.
    2. Do not advertise as soon as you enter the group. This intention is too obvious, it is easy to be kicked by the group owner, and it will affect the person who has just pulled you into the group. You can interact for a few days first, and when the value of the group is excavated, it is not too late to send advertisements.
    3. Do not frequently enter the group and add friends in a short time, especially the WeChat group of the company, it is easy to be restricted and even the title.

  2. If you want to enter the WeChat group, you must get this group owner or this group of friends to pull you into the group. There are two cases: one is that when the owner does not set the management authority, let the friends in your group open this group in WeChat, click the three points on the upper right, click on the 10s, and then choose the contact person. To find out you, make sure that you will enter the group. In the second case, the owner of the group sets up the management authority. After the group must first obtain the consent of the group owner in the group, then use the above method to pull you into the group.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello! I am very happy to answer your questions. I will sort out the information first, and will answer your questions within five minutes. Please wait!nAfter entering WeChat, search for a searchnAfter entering the search, click the public accountnEnter WeChat Daquan plus QR code in the search boxnEnter the interface, follownAfter paying attention, click the entrance to the groupn1. Open the homepage of the mobile phone, find the WeChat icon, touch the WeChat icon with your fingers, open the WeChat page, find the address book below WeChat, and click the option.n2. Then find a magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the communication homepage, and then click the mirror.n3. Search the same city WeChat group in the pop -up box, showing the name of the same city WeChat group under the box. Just click this group to enter the local WeChat group.n7 morenBleak

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