Will the cat are dirty? I am a beginner and want to raise a kitten, just born or one or two months old.

5 thoughts on “Will the cat are dirty? I am a beginner and want to raise a kitten, just born or one or two months old.”

  1. Pet pets personally think that it is necessary to invest in many manpower and material resources, and the owner needs a lot of responsibility. You ask the cat's dirty or dirty problem. I think the cat itself is an animal that pays attention to his hygiene, coupled with the family raising cats, the owner regularly baths the cat to clean the cat, vaccinate the insects, and the safety and hygiene provided by the accommodation. How can the cat dirty? Woolen cloth? However, in view of your questioning, you are still the third grade, I think cats are not dirty, and sterilization is not a problem that you should consider. I suggest you not keep pets! First of all, you do not have independent economic capabilities. Cat food, cat sand, vaccine, and medical treatment are a large amount of expenses. During college, my cat raising costs account for more than 1/3 of the living expenses. Second, you do n’t have time to take care of. On pets, you have to double the time and energy if you want to save some money (such as having cat food expensive? Then prepare cat rice, but cat rice needs to spend time to buy ingredients, and you need to spend energy to go to go. Do it), in the third grade, in the short term, you have to face the entrance examination of the studies. In the long run, you must consider studying hard in middle school. You do n’t have time to take care of the cat! If your family conditions permit and your family is not opposed to helping you take care of you, then you can consider. If there is no condition. Essence Essence Please think twice! Pets are responsible for their lives, and they are also responsible for themselves!

  2. ① Non -sterilized male cats will urinate everywhere and run away from the screens (some cats will open the refrigerator door, door door, screen window)
    m female cat will call hard, affect your neighbor
    , so sterilize for others.
    ② Care problem: Royal cat food is cost -effective, and joyful scallops are poisonous grains. As long as you can do not give those poisonous food (can get kidney disease), conditions can be fed natural food.
    If baths for a year or three times, don't be too diligent.
    It prepared water and food before going to school every day, and put it well.
    ③ about cats: just born and not suitable for you for one or two months, you should wait for two months to hold it more reliable.
    The cats are definitely not released. Those people outside are good or bad. In case the good people think that no one wants, they will take it away. Essence
    ④ dirty or dirty: not dirty, cats must be licking cats carefully every day (planting some wheat or barley, he eats that seedlings, helps to spit the ball), you should be seriously guided at the beginning of the toilet. Clean the area of ​​the urine until unnecessary, spray 84 or lemonade to taste thoroughly, and then the urine to the cat sand basin to carefully guide. rn⑤关于你是否能养好的问题:请你要知道猫前期花钱很多,包括猫粮(建议吃天然粮,或者吃自己蒸熟的去刺鱼肉、鸡胸肉),猫砂,猫Sand pots, cat triad vaccines, rabies vaccines, deworming external drug -driven medicines, pets with nails, grinding claw boards.
    The expenses per month after buying things is less than two hundred.
    It, do you think about it, what if you go to high school or school that needs to live in another school? What should I do? I must stay in college, what should I do? Even if your parents are not at home, do you have enough patience if you go to school?
    The cats will lose hair. Can you have rubber gloves and dip in water at home, and then wipe the bed carefully to remove the hair?
    The cats also like to catch the lower end of the curtain, leather furniture, wood, do you can carefully tune?

  3. You ca n’t raise a cat who does n’t do sterilization. It ’s hard to hear the wolf crying. It’ s hard to listen. I think you should think about it. These are all spending. You don't have to worry about taking it downstairs. Of course, you want to walk. You are a student. You really have to consider the cost of raising cats. Because of the reason for your parents, you should consider it clearly. Essence Essence Unless your parents like cats very much and are happy to raise cats, the others depends on the answer adopted by that netizen

  4. I have been raised for 9 years, my mother. Cats love cleanly, much stronger than dogs. And you don't need to slip like a dog, and the independence is relatively strong. But when you are young, you need to take care of it. Our cats are basically not out of the house, but the estrus will be shouted during the estrus, and they are also located at home. In short, it is better to take care of it than a dog. Essence

  5. Yes, you give him a few toys, play with him before leaving, and then put the food a little more, water,
    A sterilization can extend your life, but it mainly depends on your opinion Holding the rope is not on the back of the neck.

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