Is the first season of the new drama "Reporting the Lord, the Princess is a cat" is good -looking, who has Baidu network disk resources?

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3 thoughts on “Is the first season of the new drama "Reporting the Lord, the Princess is a cat" is good -looking, who has Baidu network disk resources?”

  1. Link: PAN./S/
    This Code: VPSH "Report the Prince! The Princess is Cat 2" The plot, in addition to following the hilarious love of the first "Cat Concubine" and the Lord line. Beiyong Yan has been repeatedly assassinated. Mi Xiaosi has transformed into a "detective" with modern wisdom? Is it almost dead for the forced back to be a black pot? Nan Fengchen did not change his heart about Mi Xiaosi, but there was a bigger conspiracy behind it? All kinds of mysteries are elusive.

  2. Crossing the drama "Reporting the Lord, the Princess is a cat" super beautiful, Meng Fei and the prince staged a funny love! "Reporting the Lord, the Princess is a cat" is directed by Tan Youye, screenwriter Wang Xiaocui, starring Yuan Yuxuan, Zhang Jiongmin, Chen Pinyan, Cai Xiangyu, Gao Zhiyang, Wang Yijun, Zhang Lei, and Sun Zelin's special costume love comedy.
    This drama is a drama. The tiger who lives in the world in the clouds, the girl Mi Xiaosi, because of the cheap hand opened the buns given by the strange old man Jiuxian, came to the Beiyue Kingdom of Kunpeng Continent, and changed to change. Become a big fat cat. I have to say that it is too bad, the heroine is too unlucky!
    In this sad situation, the female host happened to be contaminated with the blood of the Beiyue King Beiyong Yan. As soon as the original appearance was resumed, I received the will of Jiuxian [Must find someone to love, let him love him to love Go to you, go through the four affection with you, and gather four pieces of spiritual jade before you can go back]. As a result, the love of the male and female lead began, and Meng Fei and Wang Ye also staged a laughing love.
    But this story must have a heart abuse. The heroine is to return to the world to return to the world, and then a sweet pet love story is launched with the Lord Beiyong Yan. Will the heroine leave in the end? No one knows! Let's look forward to it.

  3. Yuan Yuxuan, a cute cute girl, was recognized by the audience in the "First Grade-University Season". Cheng Yu Yuanjun, played in the hit drama "Three Lives Three Pillow Pillow" a while ago, also brought to the public Many surprises.
    The partner of Yuan Yuxuan and Zhang Jiongmin appeared in the show.
    The Zhang Jiongmin was the role of Ling Hanyu in the Demon Master, and was attracted attention.
    It -see still feels sweet!

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