5 thoughts on “Will cats eat mice, will it be sick?”

  1. Hello cat's nature likes to eat fish and mice, but now the cat does not have a cat's mother's teachings, and will basically not catch mice. If your cat is a home -raised pet cat, it ’s okay. Some cats in the family now eat cat food and eat some meat, etc. It can absorb protein that can absorb other substances. After eating mice, you can go to a pet hospital to buy some cat -repellent medicine for cats. How can you feed cheap Baidu when you feed?

  2. Eating mice is the healthiest cat's diet. You eat canned food every day. It is estimated that the liver and kidney will be waste. The same is true for cats to eat cats and cats. This, but now in this environment, many mice are poisoned, and cats will die in pain when eating. The best diet for cats is to get some young rats for cats in a week.

  3. Still don't deliberately give it mice. I caught the mouse in the wild and slaughtered the washing, cut a small piece of meat to feed the cats at home, and found that the state was not good in a few hours. I have worm pills, I hope it's okay

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