4 thoughts on “What should I do if the cat changes the new home not to eat”

  1. It is normal for the kitten to just go to a new home.
    This when cats just arrived in the new home, they would become nervous, scared, and restrained because of their strange environment, so they dare not move, eat, and move. This is a normal phenomenon. What the owner can do is to put a warm cushion, cat food, snacks, toys, toys, and cat sand pots in the position of the cat, so that the cat can feel the safety of the surrounding environment as much as possible. In addition, if the cat's appetite is not appetizing and even accompanied by other bad symptoms, it is necessary to take it to the hospital for a systematic physical examination.
    Wet grains, you can give some cans or wonderful fresh bags. Do not give the kitten to drink milk to cause gastrointestinal diarrhea and cause death. Drink a special milk powder for cats and dogs.

  2. I just changed the place and did not adapt to it. Put the food and drink well. Don't interfere with it. It will get better in a few days.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, let the cat adapt to it first, and get some loved ones and give itnIt is normal for cats to not eat at home. The main cats are relatively small and are more resistant to strange environments. The owner can let the cats walk in the new environment, which can make the cat gradually fade back. At this time, the owner will leave the cat's independent space and timenAt the same time, you must also prepare some cats that you prefer to eat, attract the attention of cats, and alleviate the cat's resistance to the new environment. [Heart] [Heart] [Heart] [Heart]nAsk me, this cat is an adult Garfield,nWhat to do if the cat who just arrives at home does not eatnAfter 48 hoursnI pour some egg yolk and beat waternTo answer this situation, you need to pour some food for itnYour approach is right, you can give it some glucose waternAdult cat stress reaction is stronger, so it is normal to not eat foodnMore 8nBleak

  4. He was caused by the reaction of stress. He should find a way to eat as soon as possible.
    1. Give him "anti -Yingmin oral liquid".
    2. Give him glycogana powder soaked in water.

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