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  1. Don't be superstitious about imported brands. To say that many imported brands are consumers, false propaganda, poor raw materials, and the same price, such as Madeers ~
    better: MAG, Gu Deng, Wei Shi, the raw materials are relatively solid.
    What ingredients are the most important component in milk powder? Seeing a lot of publicity can see the three most important: protein, fat, taurine, especially the nutritional needs of kittens are very high. Please see the ingredients of milk powder

    Reference "Zhihu: What cat milk powder is good"

  2. The nutrition of the calcium contained in milk powder is very high. It is especially suitable for cats to supplement. The owner needs to pay attention to the purchase of milk powder. It also needs to understand the brewing method and feeding method of cat milk powder. Sheep milk powder.
    1. The choice of milk powder
    The cat's milk powder should be mainly for cats. Some pets and human milk powder can easily make cats digest. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner feed meals and wants to go for goat milk powder. Its nutritional balance is suitable for cat's gastrointestinal absorption and digestion. Whether it is a kitten or an adult cat, it can be supplemented regularly.
    2, brewing milk powder
    When brewing milk powder, it must be carried out at 40 ° C, so that the temperature of the milk will be more suitable. After pouring into the milk powder, stir until dissolved. Be sure to stir carefully and drink some solidified milk powder to the cat, which is not conducive to absorption.
    3. Feeding method
    The method of feeding cats is also based on the cat's age. If the kitten will not take the initiative to eat, then the help of the owner will be used to use the needle tube or the bottle to feed. But be careful when using, don't let the cats dangerous. If you are an adult cat, you can pour directly into the bowl, and the cat will lick it by himself.

  3. Cat milk powder can buy goat milk powder with sheep milk powder. There are many brands that only need to buy big brands. In that case, it is better for word of mouth, such as buying red dogs.

  4. Because the cat's stomach and nutritional needs are special, the most often drinking is goat milk powder. The main raw materials of goat milk powder are goat milk. The nutritional value is very high. Cats are well absorbed.

    Speaking of the brand, of course, there are also a lot of choices for shovel officers. However, the brand of high -quality goat milk powder is counted. For example, the well -repading Gu Deng sheep milk powder has always been the second to the single product industry. Its main advantage is food -grade raw materials, 80%of high concentration milk content, and scientific formula.

  5. When measuring cat milk powder, it is not mainly the brand, but the amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, and probiotics contained in them. For example, if your cat is healthy, there is less demand for vitamins and minerals, and it will excrete it if you supplement it. If a cat is sick or weak, you should consider that the milk powder with high vitamins and mineral content is supplemented to the cat.

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