5 thoughts on “Grandma feeding cats is very fierce. What are the characteristics of cats fed by grandma?”

  1. Grandma feeding cats is very fierce. The characteristics of cats fed by grandma are: Grandma always feeds cats to eat some leftovers and leftovers. Cats eat soup meals. Taste, so cats eat a lot. Grandma's cat's body is particularly fat and looks very strong. Moreover, grandma also followed the tradition of ancient times, so that the cat caught a mouse, and found that the pet cat would not catch the mouse, and she was very scared after seeing the mouse. Grandma will be particularly strange at this time: the cats have not seen mice now, and even mice will not catch it. After we hear these remarks, we will laugh, and tell grandma that our cats need to eat cat food, but also take a bath for the cats, and the cat really does not catch mice.

    . Grandma usually feeds cats, and will eat some grandma for cats to eat the remaining rice, and it is quite large. N young people are more particular about feeding cats. Generally, cats are feeded for cats, as well as various sausages to help cats grow. But after finding that cats will be thinner and picky after eating these foods. Grandma feeding cats is not the same. Grandma will pour the leftovers and leftovers in the home to feed the cats together, and find a pot for the cat to pretend to be full. It will be very cheerful. The cat's body is fat and strong, all of which are the credit of grandma.
    . The characteristic of grandma feeding cats is to follow traditional customs to make cats catch mice. As a result, the cat was afraid of the mouse and did not dare to catch it at all
    The biggest feature of grandma feeding cats is to let cats catch mice. And it feels that the cat will not be fed if it does not catch the mouse. After putting the cat in where the mouse is out, the grandma will observe quietly and wait for the cat to grab a big mouse out. It turned out that after seeing the mice, the cat ran faster than the mouse. At this time, the grandmother would be disappointed, lamenting that the current pet cats have forgotten their instincts.
    The cats are used to living the life of nourishment, and the mice have become pets to be raised by people. So, did you try your own cats to try to grab the mice?

  2. The cats fed by grandma are very docile and fat. They are just like the Garfield cat in the TV series. It is great and cute, but this cat's body is not particularly healthy

  3. Grandma has three characteristics of cats, one is more docile, because grandma will not go crazy to eat cats and cats to give cats enough security. Second, all the cats who dare not catch the cats who are not caught in the cat's cat.

  4. The cats fed by grandma were fat, what the cats were eating with grandma, and they were particularly sticky. No matter how eye -catching it was before, he was fit, and he was as fat with his grandma.

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