2 thoughts on “How to pinch with ultra -light clay”

  1. Pinch a long ellipse, use it as the head of the dog
    Paspy two pieces of orange "skin", as the hair around the dog's eyes
    pinching two pieces of ears, installing the ears up,
    then pinch a black dog nose
    In the tool to carve the dog's eye sockets and nostrils
    to make two eyeballs suitable for eye sockets, then stick it
    to make the dog's dog's Eyeline
    In two small pieces of white rubber puree, paste the white part of the dog's eyes
    The body. Then put your limbs up
    The body and head of the dog, the cute dog rubber puree dog will be done.

  2. The puppy shape is well pinched with ultra -light clay. We can make a lot of shapes with Rover's ultra -light clay, Qiaoya ultra -light clay, such as puppies, pony, kittens, etc. The team set and the zodiac signs are easy to make.

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