4 thoughts on “Most shit officers like to bring their puppies together. How much does pet consign?”

  1. Most shit officers like to bring their puppies together. How much does pet consign? Today, most of the traffic jams like to travel or go out with their puppy treasures. As a shoveling officer today, I will discuss with you the price of this pet consignment. Some small details, hoping to help you shovel officers can go out in the future, it can be more convenient, fast and effective.
    The first point, the price of the little pet consignment
    According to the current market transportation method, the small owners are divided into two types: trains and aircraft. In most cases The aircraft checked a lot, but the price of the two methods is about 200 to 500 yuan. There are also special columns. Some dog treasures are relatively large, or they are different in destination cities. Price elements, but don't worry about it, there will be no big difference.
    It the details of the small pets
    1, the overall step of the small pet consignment is first according to the prescribed immunity and the most important disinfection. In order to order air tickets, the qualified certificate for outbound animal immunity can be checked. When the time, the little masters can pick it up.
    2, immune and sterilization meanings, the little masters should take dog treasures to the veterinary hospital to vaccine at least one week in advance, and receive the health immune books for pets. Take the air box of the dog treasures in advance, do the relevant medical sterilization treatment together, and open a mechanical disinfection book together.
    3, binding tickets for dog treasures must communicate with the airport staff in advance, indicating that they need to bring pets, will check it, and confirm that there is an oxygen cabin in the flight where you are about to take, and finally confirm the ticket.
    4, the entry and exit pet quarantine certificate is preparing to take a plane. I suggest that you do not need to feed the dog treasures, and drink as little as possible. After arriving at the airport, wear your own dog treasures. Good mask, holding pet health certificates, and entry and exit pet quarantine certificates, to check and seal
    5 at the National Pet Quarantine Bureau in the airport. The counters of the building are checked related to checked related procedures.
    6, since mentioning the place, the little owners must go to the luggage extraction place at the first time when the aircraft is off, take their own items and dog treasures, and then release the dog out of the airport door. The treasures do it. If there is something wrong with the dogs, be sure to go to the local pet hospital to check immediately.
    It small masters, these small suggestions and opinions hope to help everyone. I will update the pet cats and dogs daily, and I hope everyone pays more attention.

  2. The price of pets of different volumes is also different, and it is also related to the distance of consignment. Generally speaking, if it is a small dog, it is about 350 yuan.

  3. Pet aviation freight: generally 25 yuan/kg, northeast, northwest and other cities are based on 30 yuan/kg. Due to the often changes in the price of airlines, please call the local branch by phone for specific prices;

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