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  1. Cats are called cats in estrus. Usually, cats will estrus in the spring and autumn seasons. Generally, each estrus often lasts 3 to 7 days. When cats are in estrus, cats will want to mate and make loud and high barking sounds, although although although This is a normal physiological phenomenon, but it is also annoying that it is difficult for people to fall asleep in the evening. In this regard, the pet owner can take some measures to soothe the cat:

    . The attention of transferring cats r
    When the cat starts to enter the estrus, the pet owner will see it walking around every day, and he looks uneasy at home. So, the pet owner can use the toys that cats usually like to play games with it, such as some cat bells, cat sticks, wool balls, etc. As long as they will make a sound, they can attract the cat's curiosity. In the process of playing the game, the cat will forget to call spring, and if you are tired of playing, you fall asleep, and the pet owner will naturally be quiet.

    . Feed some pet nutrition supplements
    but pet owner may not be able to accompany the cat to play games all the time. The usual work is already very busy. Cats will still have a situation in spring; in addition, some cats are in a hurry to ask for puppets, and they may also be interested in toys that they usually play too much. In this regard, the pet owner needs to feed the cat's nutritional supplement to the cat, such as meow quietness.

    . Go to the pet hospital for sterilization surgery
    Per owner can also take a cat to pet hospital for sterilization surgery, so that the pet owner will not need to spend at the next estrus period, and it will consume again. Energy to cope with the phenomenon of the cat's name. However, after the pet owner should consider it carefully, you will make a decision. Whether you do n’t need to bred the descendants for the cat in the future, and you must also take the cat to take the cat for sterilization. There will be no more cases of spring.

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