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  1. Pet fostering environment
    Cats have relatively powerful self -care ability. The owner does not need to worry too much. Generally, it is relatively short to leave. The time of home is relatively long. For example, the owner may not be at home for five or six days. Even if the water and cat food are left, the cat is difficult to live for so long, so foster care will inevitably be on the agenda.

    . The price of cat fostering
    of course, the price of cats does not have a uniform charging standard, but compared to dogs, the price of cat fostering is more expensive. In Shanghai, ordinary pet shops, the price of fostering a day is around 40 ~ 50, providing water and ordinary cat food. If the fostering time is long, you can provide free bathing services. And a better pet shop, the price of a day is about 60 ~ 80 yuan, providing water and high -quality cat food, and there will be some foods such as snacks, and the environment will be better. And these foster -care pet shops will increase prices on some important holidays. For example, during the New Year and National Day holidays, they will generally rise by 20-30 yuan, and the owner must be psychologically prepared.
    . Booking in advance and buying coupons
    If it is determined that your cat has no friends to help raise it, you must book a pet shop in advance. In general on important holidays, many pet shops are hot and there may be situations without location, and some affordable pet shops will be scheduled early, so it is necessary to make strategies in advance. If there are coupons on the Internet, buy in advance, buy in advance, buy in advance , And determine whether you can use it, a few of your foster care, etc., and try to make the best discounts.

    . Cats must do homework before fostering

    Generally minor cats, try not to support them. The environmental adaptation ability is not good, so even the good environment is difficult to avoid being sick. Cats should also be prevented from deworming before the cat fostering. If the vaccine does not need to be vaccinated during the immunization period, but if it will expire during the foster care period, the vaccine should be injected in advance to avoid some possible diseases, and and and of. Take a bath before picking up home to avoid taking some pathogenic bacteria home.
    Now there are some family -type fostering methods. Some owners who are raising cats themselves are relatively large at home, so they adopt some foster cats. Such owners are usually more caring. If you are credible, you can also choose.

  2. Generally 20 yuan in pet shops a day
    but you still find good friends and relatives to help take care of the good
    Ilades in pet shops are more likely to be infected with germs

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