1 thought on “Why did the cat suddenly bite the owner?”

  1. 1. Expressing love: Sometimes, the cat holds the master’s hand and suddenly starts to bite the owner. It may be because it likes you very much, indicating that the cat trusts you very much. Like it licking my hair, licking your fingers.
    2, angry: The cat bits you may also feel unhappy or angry, and is dissatisfied. When a cat is in a bad mood, it may be relieved by biting the master's hand. If the owner teases the cat's not mastering the scale, the cat will make the cat, and the cat will bite you. This is a warning to you, and it wants you to calm down.
    3, play: The cat bits your hand may be to play with you. The cat is too boring and will find the owner. He wants the owner to play with it. If the owner ignores it, it will hold your fingers to bite, as if you think of your hand as a toy, the more you bite.
    Cat feeding skills
    The method of breeding cats. For example, the owner needs to take cats to take vaccines, deworming, and physical examinations; for example, the owner needs to help cats develop good living habits, such as regularly to eat at a fixed -point dinner, and urinate everywhere.
    . For example, if the owner does not plan to breed the cat, he takes the cat to sterilize and so on when the cat is not in estrus six months. Cats are more docile. As long as the owner treats them patiently, they can accompany the owner for a long time.

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