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  1. How to raise British short -haired cat
    Is how to raise British short -haired cats. Cats are also human loyal friends. Is British short -haired cat raised? I do n’t know if everyone pays attention to a surprise cat emoticon package. This emoji is very popular with everyone. The important point is that the cat in it is very cute and cute. Let ’s share a short British short. How to raise a hair.
    On British short -haired cat to raise 1 British short -haired cat is easy to raise? British short -haired cats belong to the kind of fat type, and their limbs are relatively developed, so we look like this British short -haired cat is very smooth and cute. One of the meat groups. But is British short -haired cat easy to raise? How to raise British short hair cats? I believe those who want to raise British short -haired cats are worried about these issues, so now I will tell you about this knowledge.
    Usually British short -haired cats, their personality is very docile, and its temper is very good, which is very friendly to us humans. It is also relatively adaptable to the environment, and they will not be so delicate than other valuable cats. They are usually quiet, not like other cats, or even screams. So British short -haired cats are still very easy to raise.
    The comfortable space for British short hairs is important. It is recommended to buy a few more on the gripping board. One more place where cats usually sleep. After the cat gets up, it has the habit of grabbing. And give me Meow Meow more where it can hide. Take time every day to play with your cat can enhance your feelings.
    The nursing of a British short -haired cat will make you feel simple and amazing, because these little guys are naturally beautiful, and they will never be knotted by hairy. You just need to sort out it with a comb every day. If it is in the hair removal period, the owner can sort out a few more times. For British short -haired cats, cleaning is much more important than combing, because their hair is dense and soft, and dust is easy to stay there. Although cats often use its thorny small tongue to sort out the hairs, they cannot completely remove the dust at the bottom, so take a bath 1 or 2 times a month, which can help him clean up the dirt very well, and the hairs are clean. The cat is naturally happy. Here, I still want to remind the owner to pay attention to the hair ball. The cat has the habit of cleaning its own tongue, but at the same time, it will also eat a lot of hairs. It also helps them care for the stomach.
    On how to raise British short hair cats 2 I, diet
    The cat food: If you want to take good care of your own British short -haired cat, then you must start with its diet. British short -haired cats, their gastrointestinal digestion function is relatively weak, so it is necessary to change cat food to change their cat food, and the diet must be grasped well.
    For British short -haired cats with poor stomach and intestines, the food we feed them cannot be too hard but cannot be too soft. Therefore, when changing cat food for British short -haired cats, you must come slowly. You must not be too sudden. This is easy to make them diarrhea. Come slowly like this, cats can slowly adapt to new cat food. If you suddenly change it all at once, the cat can't adapt at all, and the indigestion is easy to occur.
    Cat food preservation: The preservation of cat food is also an important thing. If the cat girl is in contact with the air for a long time, it is very bad for cat food and it is easy to affect its quality. We must save cat food in the sealed box.
    It like the remaining canned food in British short hair cats, we also have to give them good. Save them. We must cover the lid of the canned bottle and place it in the refrigerator. If this canned food is opened, it can only be left for two days.
    The nutrition: Appropriate nutrients for British short -haired cats to make up for them are also necessary. Of course, the most important one is vomiting cream. ?
    Fresh food: Fresh food is important for British short -haired cats. We can give them fresh cat food or fresh cans, because these nutritional value is relatively high and can add nutrition to them. However, the cat food after opening must be eaten within seven days, and the canned food must be eaten within one day.
    . Exercise
    Presh -haired cats like to sleep, so that they can easily cause their obesity. After all, they do not exercise for a long time. But obesity is also terrible, so that there will be some other situations in the body. At this time, we must pay attention to giving them appropriate exercise so that we can maintain good health.
    . Cleaning
    This is also essential for cleaning to clean the cat. For example, brushing them with teeth, brushing can effectively reduce the problem of gums; for example Be able to keep their eyes clean and hygienic; for example, give them kissing your ears, which can effectively reduce ear canal inflammation; for example, checking their joints can effectively reduce some joint diseases; ; Regular repair nails are also essential.
    of course, pay attention to the hair ball is also an important thing. After all, British short hair cats use their tongue to clean up their habits. They eat some vomiting cream and the like. This can effectively clean up the hair in their stomach.
    Is to take a bath for British short -haired cats, the water temperature should not be too high, but it should not be too low. Don't use the shower gel with that kind of too irritating, so that it can stab the skin of British short -haired cats, so use a gentle ones.
    we must sort out their hair before washing the British short -haired cat, so as not to encounter the robbery when we take a bath. And after washing, you must dry the British short -haired cat in time in order to effectively avoid the problem of colds.
    . Living
    The lives of British short -haired cats are also a problem. First of all, give them a more comfortable place. In the place where cats are sleeping, we have to put some grinding panels for them. After all, British short -haired cats usually have the habit of grinding claws. Also, it usually takes a little more time to play with your own cat, because this can enhance your relationship with it.
    Britable short -haired cats, we usually take care of their diet and care like taking care of children, so that they can raise them well. Therefore, friends who want to raise British short -haired cats must have Psychological preparation in this area.
    The select reading
    Is British short and easy to raise? Is British short hair cats good?
    British short -haired cats are bold and curious, but they are very gentle and have strong adaptability. They will not change because of changes in the environment. Called, it will only climb to a relatively high place, stare at the round big eyes and look down at you with a smile, as if the one mentioned in "Alice's Wandering Wonderland" is called "Louis "Like a cat, you do n’t need to language, just catch your heart with the cute facial expression, and you can no longer change your love for it. Let ’s follow the pet network to see the daily maintenance work of British short:
    Daily maintenance
    It to raise a British short -haired cat, you need to carefully do its daily nursing work.
    . Feeding: The changes in the amount of exercise will change the digestion and absorption of the intestine, and the functions of liver, kidney filtration and detoxification will change. Pay more attention to the food hardness of the cat, supplement calcium, iron, vitamins, and other trace elements in appropriate amounts. Food; (Note: Fast foods that are not easy to digest, ensure water supply)
    . Brush your teeth: If you have conditions, you should brush your teeth to reduce the invasion of bacteria caused by inflammation of the gums;
    . Eye care: often remove too much mucus with wet cotton and clean the skin around the eyes;
    . Ear care: regular inspection inner ear canal;
    . Joint care: joint pain is a common problem for old pets. If it cannot be moved regularly, it can gently massage muscle or movement of limbs when resting.
    State device
    It to raise a British short -haired cat, it is best to prepare professional equipment for it to provide it with a comfortable living environment and space.
    . Basin and drinking basin
    The food basin and drinking pot is a must -have for cats. Generally, cats are very sensitive to their own tableware. Cat's tableware should not be replaced in its life. Some cats will cause refusal or indigestion when they change the food basin, especially the elderly cats. Suddenly changing the tableware will make it very nervous and affect its health. So from the beginning, choose a solid and durable and capable tableware. British short nose is short, and the face is round and flat. It is best to use a plate when choosing a tableware for it, because its large and flat face can not eat food in a small bowl of bowls, using a plate will make it feel comfortable, and it can also prevent swallowing from swallowing. Excessive air causes stomach rising and affects health. The large bowl of water will wet the British short baby chin and the hair on the cheeks. The material selection should pay attention to the strong texture, the thickness of the plate, and the edge of the plate. Some are very naughty when they are young. When they eat it, they get food outside the plate, so you can put an old newspaper under the plate to clean up and keep the ground clean.
    . Cat toilet
    Cat toilets are also called cat sand pots, which are places where cats urinate. Do not let cats use toilets. It is also convenient to go directly to the pet shop to buy a dedicated toilet. Cat sand pots are made of plastic, and the cleaning work is very convenient. Cat toilets are generally divided into two types, which are also house -shaped and potted. Basic cat toilets are more common because the price is low. The edge of the cat sand pot specially buckled inward at the edge of the pet shop is to prevent the cat from bringing out the sand in the pot when the cat enters and exit, the effect is 70%. The house -shaped cat toilet is fully enclosed, with activated carbon filtering devices on the top, and also added a translucent two -way activity door. When the cat enters and exit, there is almost no sand. Smell any smell, but the price is high, usually more than two hundred. In the summer, because the cat toilet of this house is closed, the internal taste will be very large. At this time, you can remove the activity door of the cat toilet, or increase the frequency of cleaning the feces.
    Is when buying sand pots, don't forget to buy cat sand, because the short -term short nose is easy to allergic to dust, so you must pay attention to buying less dust and good quality cat litter in the choice of cat sand. There are a lot of cat litter varieties. You can ask experienced friends to ask the quality of various cat litter. If you don't care about the price, crystal cat litter or paper cat litter is a good choice.
    three, cat grip boards and nail cuts
    The cats have to grind their nails every day. You need to prepare a special cat grip for it to reduce the chance of catching the sofa. To train your British short baby to grind your nails on the dedicated cat scratch, let it develop a good habit.
    This is to cut nails for British, it is best to use dedicated nails. When the kitten is three or four months old, you can also use a nail knife to cut your nails. When it is larger, you will feel uncomfortable. If you have the conditions, buy a pet dedicated.
    . Pet bath liquid
    The pH and alkali of the cat and human skin are different, and the skin is different. It is necessary to prepare a special pet bath liquid.
    5. Pet comb
    must -have supplies for short babies. Many people think that British shorts are short -haired cats that can be combed or not sorted out. This view is wrong. British short hair is medium -length hair, not short hair on the skin. The reason why it looks like a big ball is the fluffy and dense visual effects of British short hair. It is essential to sort out work. It is best to prepare a special special comb with a medium -toothed spacing. Occasionally, you can use a rubber brush (short -haired cats do not need to be combed with a needle), which will make your English short baby feel very enjoyable.
    6. Bathture
    The short baby is super obedient when bathing, prepare a special bathtub for it. Use a larger plastic basin. After taking a shower short, don't forget to rinse the bathtubs. It is best to put it in the sun.
    7. Cotton ball
    cotton balls are definitely indispensable cleaning tools for breeding British short treasures. The short nose and large flat face of the British baby make their faces clean. Wipe its tear glands and faces with cotton balls is a compulsory course for the owner. Toy
    IN short is a cat who likes to play by himself. Like all cats, it likes round -color rolling toys that can prepare some gorgeous lines and plastic balls for it. Ying Shun Baby likes toys with the same hairy toys as it. There are many toys in pet shops, and the price is very cheap. Little mice, small plush toys, etc. are a good choice. Ying Shun also likes hanging color cloth strips, note, etc. You can also buy funny cat sticks to play with it. Of course, what kind of toys to choose are not good -looking, but what your British short likes. As long as it is interested, there is no need to spend too much money for this. Of course, toys are constantly updated, cats are easier to like new animals. Over time, your British short baby will be tired of existing toys.
    What is the better of American short -haired cats and British short hair cats? Both short -haired cats and British short -haired cats and British short -haired cats and British short -haired cats are more popular cats, and many people are not clear about these two cats. Today, I will introduce the differences between American short -haired cats and British short -haired cats. I am also consulting which one is good for American short -haired cats and British short -haired cats.
    American short -haired cats and British short -haired cats are more popular cats, and many people are not clear about these two cats. Today, I will introduce the differences between American short -haired cats and British short -haired cats. I am also consulting which one is good for American short -haired cats and British short -haired cats.
    Who short -haired cats and British short -haired cats are better
    , face shape, British short -haired cat face is round, tails are thick, paws are round, and the body shape is fat. The head of the American short -haired cat is rectangular, and the chin is a bit pointed than the British short -haired cat, and the muscles are relatively burly.
    . In addition to the special hair color of the eyes and British short -haired cats, most of the eyes require the eyes between gold and copper. And like a gradient color, the color of the eyes is the best in green or blue -green.
    The eye color of short -haired cats in the United States, our most common silver standard tabby eyes are light brown to green, with green. The color of the short and white white can be gold, pale brown, and green.
    Which of the American short -haired cats and British short -haired cats are better
    . Personality, British short -haired cats and American short -haired cats are more docile, American short -haired cats are more lively, they will not mess around Losure, don't shout very loudly.
    . There are more than 80 colors recognized by CFA, but there are only 15 British short colors recognized by CFA. If you just take out the cats with these two colors to compare, it is naturally clear at a glance, which is very easy to distinguish, so there will be the saying of "British short blue cat, beautiful short tabby". But if you compare with cats of other colors, it is not so easy to distinguish. For example, in our impression, British shortness should be solid or two -color, but in fact, the British short also has tabby colors. From the perspective of the hair color alone, it is very similar to the beauty of beauty, which increases the difficulty.
    Which are the best of American short -haired cats and British short -haired cats
    Which are the best of American short -haired cats and British short -haired cats? Which cat do you want to raise? Both short -haired cats and British short -haired cats are relatively easy to raise, which is not much different in feeding.
    How to raise short -haired cats in the United Kingdom
    British short -haired cats (details introduction)
    The ancestors of British short -haired cats left them a good tradition of hard work, which makes them compare General cats must be strong. In the face of a strange environment, they can be calmed down without any fear.
    All cats have a common feature, that is, the digestive function of the gastrointestinal and intestines is relatively weak, and British short -haired cats are not an exception. This is mainly reflected in the sudden replacement of rations. New cat food, don't change it all at a time, it is not easy to diarrhea.
    Binge British short -haired cats like to get close to the owner. If you have only liked them to lie on your knee and sleep, then you need to pay attention, because the cat will gain weight if you do not exercise for a long time, and the body is too fat. Cats, physical conditions will also have problems. Therefore, there must be a well -behaved and healthy cat, you have to accompany it for at least half an hour a day. In this way, you can not only increase your feelings and cats, but also maintain a well -proportioned figure together.
    [Intimate index with people] ★★★★★
    [Home Furnishing Index] ★★★★
    [domestication index] ★★★★★

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