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  1. Many people who raise cats are very puzzled. Why do n’t they eat what they eat for cats? Watching other cats is very fleshy, but the owner really understands why the cat eats without fat? It may be these reasons.
    1. There are parasites
    In fact, when there are parasites in the cat's body, the cat's intestinal problem will be destroyed. Cats take the medicine to repel deworming, so that the cat will be healthy.
    2, genetic problems. Some cats are naturally genes. They have a slim figure. No matter what the owner eats, it will only absorb nutrients and not gain weight.
    3, too sensitive gastrointestinal
    It the stomach of many cats is very sensitive. If you eat some inappropriate foods, it will easily cause the cat's diarrhea and vomiting. Essence
    Muctoring can give cats for cats with some probiotic elements, which can consolidate cat's gastrointestinal health.
    4. Cat food is not nutritious enough
    If some cats are not developing well and not nutritious for cat food, they will be very thin. Once the cat food that the owner eats for the cat, you cannot supplement the nutrients on it. The cat will become skinny for a long time, and at the same time, the resistance will decrease, so when the owner is selected, it is best to choose a protein 37 ~ 40%and nutritious cat food. At the same time, it is suitable for cats. Cats can absorb fast.
    It is like "" non-greasy cat food "protein content is 38%-40%, and it is also rich in chicken, beef and other ingredients. It just meets the nutritional needs of cats. It is recommended to want cats to be healthy. exercise more!
    5. During development
    Because some cats have a better amount of exercise during development, they are better and metabolized, so cats are generally thin during development. It's okay.
    6, picky eaters
    The reason for many cat picking is that the owner usually feeds the food for cats to eat cats for cats, and cats are used to this taste, and they develop the personality of picky eaters. If the cat is for a long time for a long time If you are accustomed to and rely on human food, you will lose interest in cat food.
    Igly, it is recommended that the owner cannot give the cat's food for people, which will also destroy the cat's taste buds. If the owner really wants to feed some snacks for cats, it is best to choose a cat snacks for cats, nutrition and healthy Essence

  2. First, some cats do not gain fat is a genetic problem. For example, iniental short -haired cats, Siamese cats and other innate body shapes are slender, and they are not easy to eat fat. Second, due to the large number of parasites in the body, the cats do not eat fat. If there are parasites in the body, they will eat a lot of cats' nutrition. Third, if a cat is easy to grow or not, this situation can only solve the problem of picky eaters from the root, so that the cat can get fat.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Kiss, 1. Not all cats can eat orange cats as fat. Some varieties of cats have no fat genes, and it is difficult to feed fat. For example, cats such as hairless cats and Siamese cats are not obese in themselves. They are usually difficult to feed, and it is not good to look good. What happened to the cat is thin and not fat? What should I do if the cat is thin and not fat? 2. Parasitic factors have parasites in the cat's body. On the one hand, they will compete for nutrients with cats. What happened to the cat is thin and not fat? What should I do if the cat is thin and not fat? 3. The amount of exercise is large. If your cat usually likes sports parkour, the reason for it is also very clear, that is, the supply of nutrition has maintained exercise, resulting in unnecessary nutrients. What happened to the cat is thin and not fat? What should I do if the cat is thin and not fat? 4. When indigestion, the digestion of cats and indigestion means that the gastrointestinal is not absorbed well, so it is not fat, the food digestion and absorption rate is not high, and a large amount of nutrients have become "feces". 5. Cats like to lick hair and are prone to forming hair balls in the body. The hair ball can hinder the absorption of the cat's stomach and make the gastrointestinal function worse, so it also causes the cat to be thin and weak. 6. Insufficient staple food Nutrition is carnivorous animal. If you want to gain weight, you must get more animal protein. If the owner feeds the cat with little meat or the meat content (protein) of cat food is not high, the cat will be It's hard to feed fat. What should I do if the cat is not fat? 1. Do a good job of deworming, especially the deworming in the body must be done to prevent the cat's gastrointestinal health damage and the occurrence of anemia and malnutrition. 2. Timing and quantitative feeding. When cats are prone to indigestion, the owner can choose to eat less meals and regularly quantitative feeding methods to reduce the burden of gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, so that cats can consume more nutrition and thrive. 3. Feeding probiotics, cats with poor gastrointestinal absorption, or often indigestion, can also feed some pet probiotics to help gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, and raise gastrointestinal function. 4, fed the hair ointment, cats are more like licking hair, you can feed some hairy cream or cat grass to help discharge the hair balls in the body to ensure that the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption of food nutrients. 5. Feed the nutritional cat food and choose a high -meat, high -protein cat food for cats, so that cats are not only easy to picky eaters, but also easily get fat. It's like this "Miao Xiu Cat Food". The three kinds of ingredients of chicken, fish, and beef were selected. The meat content was as high as 80%, the crude protein was more than 43%, and there were Bacillus and 2 poiphers to help the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption. It is easy to make cats fat and cheek, and it can also improve soft stools caused by gastrointestinal digestion problems. Conclusion: Is your cat weighing fat or thin? Welcome to share discussions! What happened to the cat is thin and not fat? What should I do if the cat is thin and not fat? wish you a happy life

  4. There are many reasons for cats to eat. It is related to the cat's variety and genetic constitution, or that the food fat content is low, or it is not easy to grow meat. There is also a disease that may be related to the disease in the cat. It is recommended to take a cat to check the best body when there is no way at the end. The above content is for reference only.

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