1 thought on “Precautions for design of Meng Pet Park?”

  1. Meng Pet Animal Park refers to pets with "cute" characteristics. Traditional pets refer to animals used for rewards and companions, and also refers to things particularly preferred.
    Moe pet animal park is a park with all kinds of pets. Due to small animals, flexible and changing forms, it is easy to attract people's characteristics and attract more and more business forms.
    The pre -market analysis,
    Analysis of regional conditions,

    3. Determination of theme,
    4. The characteristics of construction,
    5. nIn Meng Pet Animal Paradise Design in China has the landscape design in Beijing painting. Jiang Hai, the most practical planner, is the core leader, leading many years of successful practical experience,
    Animal display and animals in the design of Meng Pet Animal Paradise Performance and animal interaction, cute pets peripheral products, etc. are the role of watching, interaction, communication, accompaniment, and soothing people's mental stress.

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