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    In winter, the pet cat at home always likes to find a warm place on the balcony, then lying quietly, closed eyes and sleeping like sleeping. Essence In fact, all cats like to find a warm place in the sun and enjoy the sunbathing. Why do cats like to bask in the sun so much?
    The Danish scientist Niels Fensen has carefully observed and studied this behavior of cats. He found that cats not only liked to bask in the sun, but also in the process of enjoying the sunbathing, the cat's body continued to move with the sun.
    later he found that cats in the sun may use ultraviolet rays in the sun to kill the bacteria on the body and achieve the purpose of preventing and treating diseases. At the same time, studies have shown that the reason why cats like to bask in the sun is because its fur can produce vitamin D after being illuminated by the sun. After that, the cat will like to lick their hair and supplement enough vitamins for the body. Of course, sunbathing in winter is also a very enjoyable and comfortable thing. Cats naturally love this behavior.

  2. Cats are exposed to the sun because the fur can produce vitamin D after being exposed to the sun, so cats like to lick hair. It is supplementing vitamins.

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