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  1. 60-110 yuan.
    A vaccine can be completed for the first time, and pesticides vaccine can be used for the first immunization. After the first immunization is completed, 2 stitches are required each year. If the cat does not go out, it can be used every six months. The price is generally 60 to 80. Except for the current price of 110 yuan/needle, the remaining vaccine is 60 yuan/needle (import). The first injection of the vaccine (three times the cat) was performed 3 months after the cat was born, and the second injection was injected after 20 weeks. It will be injected once a year. Compared with dogs, commonly used cat vaccines are relatively small.
    At present, common vaccines used by domestic pet hospitals for cats include: imported cats triple vaccine. Oral rabies vaccine, family rabies vaccine and family cat heat vaccine. Cat triple vaccine CAT triple vaccine is an imported cat vaccine. It is commonly used in international prevention of cats, cat cup -like virus infections and infectious nasalitis. Immune method: Cats need to be immune (intramuscular injection) twice for more than 2 months, with a interval of 2-3 weeks; this vaccine is currently effective clinically. Rabies vaccine domestic and imported products are used to prevent rabies. Cats with more than 3 months can be immune for one year and should be vaccinated each year. From a clinical point of view, imports and domestic rabies vaccines have better effects. Cat plague vaccine cat heat vaccine is a research pilot product, which has a certain protective effect on cat fever. It is an extent cell vaccine that can inoculate 3-4 months old cat.
    The first vaccination vaccine should be injected twice in muscle injection for 4 weeks. Cats that are 4 months old should be vaccinated by the muscle injection. This is one year; it will be injected once a year. Cat's vaccine injection method is subcutaneous injection, so you must pay attention to the cat when injection, and you must do a medical examination to confirm that the cat has no other disease. Only healthy cats can be vaccinated. Cat vaccine can increase cat resistance and some cat's virus antibodies, which can reduce the occurrence of cat diseases. Pet owners must remember to vaccinate cats at a suitable time!

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