2 thoughts on “How can I make dogs screaming?”

  1. This, there is a way, don't listen to it upstairs, it is not good for it to scare it. Maybe your dog is still small, maybe it is late. Do you have a dog ?? Do you find a gentle temperament? Similar to it as a puppy, play with it for a few days. Following the call, maybe it will be fine after a while. Another thing is to let it listen to other dog barks. You can record the call of other dogs and put it. Listen to it. Slowly, look at a cute dog, and I really want to want a dog like this, the same as what I want. True cartoon.

  2. Generally speaking, minor puppy calls very few times, because he has not yet formed the consciousness of the Lord and the territory of the territory
    generally recognized the Lord in about 5-6 months. There will be a sense of territory. When other dogs or strangers enter the territory he have identified, "Home" will barking to remind them, and they will not follow strangers.
    So you don't have to worry too much, just wait for him to grow up.
    of course, there are also special dogs, such as my Husky
    - |
    New named, white-eyed wolf, destroying the mad who led to who, the thief came in and said Maybe I will help move things

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